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September 28, 2011
Category: Site News
New Feature: Top List

The new Top List from Daddyhunt features the hottest members of the day. Each day, we add up buddy requests, favorites, and profile views to determine the most popular profiles.

Members are ranked on a points system:

  • 5 points per profile view
  • 10 points for every member who marks them as a favorite
  • 25 points for approved buddy requests

This list is as much about personality and connections with other members as it is about great pics. To give everyone on the site a fair chance, we start this list fresh every day.

If you want to be on this list, get active - upload a hot new profile picture, flirt with the guys that interest you, and send buddy requests to your favorite members. Check this list daily using the "Members" link in the navigation menu; we'll post the 50 top members of the day on a pretty chart.

Visit the Top List now to see today's most popular members!

September 26, 2011
Category: Eye Candy
the thinker

I wonder what that beautiful face is thinking?

I don't know about all of you, but as we transition into Autumn and things start to slow down, I find myself a bit deeper in thought. Some of it's a reflection on the year gone by, but most of it is about what's to come. For some reason, Fall always seems like the perfect season to sit down, realign your thoughts, and reconnect with your goals.

So tell us dear members, what's on your mind?

And speaking of deep thoughts, we'll be discussing James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room later this week for our first ever Daddyhunt Book Club. You got a pretty lengthy extension, but even if you didn't read the book, the topics will be broad enough for everyone to engage in. We do hope you'll join in the discussion.

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September 23, 2011
Category: Entertainment
Not Into Asian?

That's the title of this video from Ely Kim. Is he speaking to blatant racism on gay dating/sex sites or just channeling his inner Thelma Houston?

NOT INTO ASIAN from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

You be the judge in the comments below.

Billy Kolber
September 22, 2011
Category: Sexuality
Quest for the Best: Condoms

Recently, I brought you a lube recommendation, this week, a related recommendation for condoms. Our sexual drive is so strong, it's often hard to objectively evaluate the risk/reward ratio of unprotected sex, and many of us don't use condoms as often as we know we should. Sex has always been dangerous, but life is full of risks we take every day - many -- like texting and driving -- more reckless than not using a condom. As if we needed another reason to use them, Japanese researchers recently reported the emergence of a cephalosporin-resistant strain of gonorrhea, at the same time that the CDC announced an increasing resistance to cephalosporin antibiotics in US strains of the disease.  While gonorrhea is rarely fatal, the complications of living with the disease untreated are significant.

If a better condom would help you help you use one more often, I offer these two recommendations: For well-endowed guys, LifeStyles Kyng are an XL size condom that offer a better fit and less latex odor than the better-known Trojan Magnum (no difference between the blue and gold packaging). For daddies and hunters of normal size, the Japanese-manufactured Crownand Beyond Seven condoms are thin as possible, offering maximum sensation. Whatever condoms you use, I’ve linked to...

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September 21, 2011
Category: Gay Culture

With "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" officially history, this video of a previously anonymous solider coming out to his father, has been making the rounds. And rightfully so. Seeing the relief on this now out and proud gay solider's face after telling his father he's gay is all at once uplifting and heartbreaking. You can see how heavy it weighed on him up until he finally says, "Dad, I'm gay."

And of course the always brilliant and adorable Jon Stewart sums up the repeal hilariously on The Daily Show:


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September 19, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

We're proud to announce Daddyhunt member, leatherrubberbear, as the winner of Phoenix Bar's Daddy Bear 2011. You may remember we mentioned the Southern Decadence event just a few weeks back, and we're so happy one of our own claimed the title. leatherrubberbear is no stranger to winning though, as he's won Mr. Spearhead Toronto 2011 and Mr. Bear Toronto 1999. We got to interview him briefly and ask him a few winning questions.

We see you've won a lot of Daddy contests, what's your secret?
What's my secret? Simply, I am just ME. I am who I am (my profile says it all!) I take on contests primarily for two reasons; firstly, I'm always thrilled to represent great businesses and organizations; and secondly, I thrive on the opportunity, as a titleholder, to take on the necessary and essential work of voluntary fundraising for local charities in our communities. This October, 2011, as a result of my fundraising pursuits as Mr. Spearhead 2011, the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation will be awarding me with the "2011 Friends of the Foundation Award for Outstanding Community Support". So, my secret isn't really a secret at all! It's all about knowing who I am, establishing myself as a mentor within the community and knowing want I want to do as an ambassador to that title. It's all about having fun too!

Do you have any advice for other daddies or hunters?
"Gay" is a big place and Daddyhunt provides a unique opportunity for Daddy's and Hunter's to cyber-cruise globally....

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September 16, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

We've tallied your votes, and now we're delighted to reveal your Daddyhunt DILFs! These 4 fellas close out our Summer of DILF 2011 and were chosen by the people, for the people, and of the people. Be sure to check out out their profiles and shoot them a message.


What do you look for in a Daddy/Hunter?
In a Hunter I look for a guy who has a hot pic and something solid to say about himself in his profile. Blank profiles don't impress me.
When did you realize you were a Daddy?
I don't remember a time, since coming out that I didn't identify as a Daddy. I have always been strong, dominate and caring of hunters. I love the energy between Daddy and his boy
Now that you've been nominated as a Daddyhunt DILF, when's your favorite time to F?
I really love the fun two guys can have at night after a few drinks and dinner, but a morning F is always on the menu.


What do you look for in a Daddy/Hunter?
I really like daddies, but I'm so old now, I guess I'll have to go after the hunters. LOL. I don't think they will mind since that's what's usually coming after me.
When did you realize you were a Daddy?
I realize when i turned 50 that...

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September 14, 2011
Category: Wellness
The Old and Lonely (and Gay)

No one wants to die alone. To think that we won't be surrounded by friends or family in our last years, days, or minutes, is a pretty unsettling thought for most. But for many elderly gays, this is exactly what they experience. With partners passing before them, little to no familial contact, and in a nursing home where friends are scarce, the fate of our gay golden years doesn't sound so heavenly. The New York Times posted a piece by gay geriatrician, Manuel A. Eskildsen, about a patient of his, a gay man in his late 90s, who recently passed away. For this man's generation, and to a degree the generations surrounding him, the luxury of coming out and leading a full, rich gay life was never really an option.

We've talked about growing older as a gay man on here before, but it's something that isn't really top of the list for many. What would be great is if there was a way for these older gentlemen to connect to each other, or better yet for us younger and able gentlemen to seek them out and visit when possible. But as Dr. Eskildsen notes, "The task is complicated by the fact that these men and women may be all but invisible to us. Even people who were able to come out may find themselves retreating into the closet when they are forced to move into...

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September 12, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

Our newest Daily Daddy comes courtesy of Blake Little's photography book, The Company of Men. Wolfgang, featured above, is just one of the many manly men photographed as Little explores the traditional archetypes of masculinity. But there's a twist! All of the men photographed are gay.

"Photographed over the last seven years, Little’s portraits of these men are unadorned and focus on the individual strength and character of each sitter. Taken as a group, they represent his ideal, a surprising new vision of male beauty that is quietly subversive and powerful. Most importantly, Little’s images shatter mainstream stereotypes of homosexuality and underscores that masculinity lies beyond sexuality."

You can check out a few more of the men photographed here (you can purchase there as well).

I'm calling dibs on cover man Wolfgang though. So back off he's mine!

Billy Kolber
September 8, 2011
Category: Sexuality
Quest for The Best: Lube

Relationships are sticky. Good lube may not solve your relationship issues, but it sure can help reduce friction -- especially in the bedroom.

When I first started having sex back in the last century, there were only two types of lubricants: oil based and water-based. Oil-based lubes provided the slickest lubrication, but weren’t condom safe. And water-based lubes tended to get sticky and dry out quickly. Then came the silicone revolution started by Eros. Silicone-based lubes were slick and condom-safe. But they were expensive and also really hard to wash off. (Which for me resulted in one very embarrassing Thanksgiving, when my aunt asked what in god's name I got all over her sheets that she couldn’t wash out!) Competition has brought the price down, but I still don’t like that slick filmy-ness that stays on your skin, even after washing.

Then, in London, I discovered Liquid Silk , the first hybrid lube. It's a creamy, light-weight, water-based/silicone hybrid that gives you the best of both types: long-lasting slickness that doesn’t gets sticky, yet rinses off easily with just water, leaving no residue. It's condom-friendly, non-staining, unscented, and comes in a convenient pump jar....

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