Hunter, 38 years old


: Minneapolis, MN, United States

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I want to find a relationship with a SIR. I want him to address me anyway that he sees fit, and I would address him as SIR. I would wear what he told me to wear. I would work out and stay in shape the way he wants me to stay in shape. I would do the chores that he wants me to do around the house. I would sleep where you want me to sleep. I would cook meals that are healthy and good for both of us SIR, and do dishes afterwards. Making sure that the food was made to your liking. I would keep the house clean at all times. I would create an environment where your needs are first and foremost and I am there to take care of them.

Sexually I want to fulfill and service a SIR to the best of my ability. I will follow any and all protocols given to me. I will wear chastity. I will service in the morning before you wake. So that you wake up to me sucking your cock SIR. I will sleep every night with my head resting on your cock or your cock in me. I will wear my jock or briefs around the house at all times per your instructions and be at your call when at home. I will have my hole ready for you whenever you want to fuck me so that you can pleasure yourself. In turn I will be happy and satisfied knowing that you are happy and turned on by having a boy.

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