Mister, 63 years old


: Phoenix, AZ, United States

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: Poly Relationship
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I flirt a lot, I love to chat. Rarely I'm looking for kissing, cuddle and more buddies. I am happily married and also have a regular fuck buddy who I am very close to. But sometimes I'm looking for variety, and an in-shape man to top me.
I'm 6'0", 205# in great shape, beefy/athletic/muscular. Salt and pepper hair, hairy body. Often bearded, sometimes clean shaven. Nice guy and a decent man here.
If you and I decide to hook up, I prefer more than just a quicky.
I enjoy many varied types of play.

Fragrance free please. A clean, natural man in great shape (athletic/muscular) is my preference.

Please have recent face and body pics to chat.

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