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Off to Sydney from 15 - 27 Oct, 2015.

I've been to the States in 2014 (west coast) & 2013 (east) and loved it. I'll be back again, but I'm not sure when.

I prefer to see your eyes clearly, so I usually won't make the first move without clear pics. For those using the phone app, please note I'm mostly attracted to guys over 35. See also www.gaydar.com.au/zethman.

Australian made, European designed.

An easy-going guy. I try not to take life, or people, too seriously.

Love kissing and I'm pretty tactile. Good sex for me is more about sharing the experience.

I don't have a lot of time for online chatting sorry, other than to establish if there's some potential.

I'd prefer to see pics where I can clearly see your eyes. I'm a bit of an eyes person. (Blurry pics or those taken far away just don't work for me.)

Things I've learned...

I've learned it's easier to be truthful than to lie, in the long run.
I've learned it's more fulfilling to accept rather than to judge.
I've learned it's better to forgive rather than to hate.

I've also learned these things are not always easy to do.

Just be yourself. That's the best person you've got anyway. Anything else unravels eventually. Nothing better than someone who knows his strengths & weaknesses, and knows how to handle them. Both of them. Nothing funnier than someone with a good sense of the absurd. Nothing nicer than someone content within himself.

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