Daddyhunt Affiliate Program

The Daddyhunt affiliate program is a great way to earn money off your web traffic. pays affiliates 60% of each visitor’s initial membership fee, one of the highest payouts in the industry.

Our memberships range from $12 to $35 each and our average ticket is over $20.00 per member. We also have a 30 day pay out period, so you will make money off any visitors who upgrade for up to 30 days after the initial free profile sign up.

All payouts are issued by our third-party payment processor, CCBILL. CCBill will automatically send out weekly checks to you directly. We pay all of CCBILL’s fees (up to 14% of the total), so your commission will never be reduced by fees. CCBILL provides accurate, real-time statistical reporting with each payout so you can see exactly how your commissions are earned.

Two of our core values as a company are to treat people with respect and to always act in good faith. We are committed to serving our loyal members and helping webmasters earn high payouts through our affiliate program. We look forward to working with you and are available to answer any questions. Please email us at

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Each program member has they own specific link to use which would include your 7 digit ID number. Say your ID number is "1111111" then for the Daddyhunt affiliate program your unique link would be : - just replace the "1111111" with your ID number.

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