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Frank Strona
September 9, 2009
Category: Dating

I’ve been recently chatting with a very nice guy in another city who is eager to meet someone available, honest and into the same things that he is. I understand all too well the process of weeding out potentials from online, especially when you have a huge  desire to be with someone.

During one of our chats, he mentioned how he was going to be traveling to meet someone he had been chatting with online, and that the fella had offered to "buy" him a flight back if he could get himself out there. Just the whole idea of it, put me on edge (maybe its the Daddy in me coming out...) but I began to think about what are good boundaries to have when traveling to meet a man in a different city. Questions like: Who pays? Where to stay?  And how to stay safe.

A few thoughts to consider before you hop on that plane;

1)    Make your own arrangements. If you can’t afford the entire  airfare or travel money to get to him and stay on your own (with friends or a hotel) the first time – then it might not be a good time to go.

2)    Money is power and who has it, often controls the situation. It’s great to be “invited” out for a “come meet” but even if your potential partner is paying half the expenses, there is no guarantee he will follow through with his commitments. This is especially true if the chemistry isn't right. In other words, you could be left on your own in a strange city, no place to stay and no way to get home.

3)    Have a...

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