Bear Artist Celebrates the Male Form

September 6, 2010
Category: The Arts

Hello Men! We hope everyone had a sensational weekend.

We came across the work of William Hairyartist earlier this summer and wanted to save his watercolor, acrylic and ink depictions for a rainy day. His hirsute studies are perfect for this moment, helping to ease us back into the work week. Not to mention the artist himself caught our eye. Enjoy!

Tags: Painter Paintings
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great work. Matthew (Teo)

I love portraits and paintings of the male or female form and these pieces are well done .

Hairyartist is not only talented but he is one hot man. Maybe you should feature his hot body on the site


Simply WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For sure.

Damn! Nic pics.... i especially love the scene with the two guys kissing...... that is so beautiful... and its sexual and sensual....

can I model?

Beuatiful art!... I'd be glad to be your model for you to paint something with me :) Congratulatios! Hugs!. the juxtaposition between the sweet and the sexy.

This art is worth more in my opinion than many portraits from the Renaissance era (roughly 14th to 17th century) where many of the faces on those portraits in the Boston Museum of "Fine Art" have the same large eyes and silly nose. The romantic era was way more kewl with the spontaneity of the Impromptu composition style even though it was a slight throwback to the more emotionally charged medieval culture where you react based on spontaneous impulse fueled by love and fear without thinking.

Im sorry, I find Photoshopped Photographs to not be art at all. I see this junk all the time where I live. They photoshop a photograph of jagged red sedimentary mountains, print it on canvas using a wide format printer, then rub Decopage all over it with special brush strokes and try to sell it for $1500! Its not art, its not even a good representation of art. Its a doctored snapshot. What I really cant believe, is that our society has become so complacent as to what good art is, that they actually buy this bunk! And toe previous commenter...calling this better than Rennaissance???!!! Um...I dont think so.

My work is not photoshopped or rendered on computer. I draw and paint with watercolors and watercolor pencils, acrylics, oils and sumi ink, spending up to 100 hours lovingly rendering by hand on paper, inspired by photographs, mostly of men who post their own pictures online.

@Glamourding - Not everyone has time to sit in a dark room for hours waiting to develop film. Or even access to a dark room, at that. But I would agree with you on the over pricing of digital art. :)

@Glamourding, Show us your artistic renderings please, after all you seem to know what good art is?

This type of digital art will be a few hundred years old before very long so this stuff may be the wave of the future whether the Quaker oatmeal guy wanted it that way or not :)

I have noticed that commentaries on occasion have begun with the "@" symbol. Maybe a filtering process takes out the rest of the phrase to prevent advertising which would make sense for sure.

Beautiful. Stunning. Powerfully poetic. And obviously NOT photoshopped, glamording. Allow me to weigh in on this Renaissance vs. Not-Renaissance issue. No, these are not oils. Nor are they technically rendered in a Renaissance way. But do they capture that same emotion and sensuality of the Renaissance masters? Fuck, yeah! In Paris I stood in front of the Mona Lisa for quite a long time, transfixed. Same thing happened when I saw these paintings/drawings. I just stared and lost all sense of time. Congratulations, hairyartist. Gold stars for you.