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January 28, 2010
Category: Site News

We are thrilled to announce that the new Daddyhunt is coming this Sunday, Jan 31!

In order to migrate all the millions of hot photos, emails and profiles on the site, we will be OFF-LINE for most of the day on Sunday, starting at 8 am EST.

Once the migration is complete, you can login using your existing login and password. Please review and update your Profile and Preferences so you can get the most out of the new site.

A special thanks to all our Private Beta Volunteers and Supporters! Thank you to all our members for making Daddyhunt the largest community for real men of ALL ages.

Carl and the Daddyhunt Team Real Men. No attitude.

Duke Greenhill
January 26, 2010
Category: Health

I've been a professional male model for over a decade, and although I'm still waiting on that Time's Square 2xist billboard, I have made a decent career as the "guy next door." I was recently interviewed for a magazine about cutting-edge training techniques, and the journalist remarked, "The modeling and fitness industries say you're marketable because you're neither the "juiced-up" bodybuilder, nor the sinewy eighteen year old. You look like a farmer's son with a body hewn from hard, functional labor; an all-American boy next door.

Though I take issue with being called a boy, I appreciate the observation, and find it wonderfully ironic that during an interview about cutting-edge workout routines, I would be called-out for my physique, which is purely the result of centuries-old exercise fundamentals.

It's not coincidence that gladiators, sailors, blue-collars and cowboys hold a special place in the gay fantasy canon. The idea that "natural," functionally derived bodies hold a certain kind of beauty is nothing new. Walt Whitman notes this in his poem, "I Sing the Body Electric:"

The swimmer naked in the swimming-bath, seen as he swims through
the transparent green-shine, or lies with his face up and rolls
silently to and from the heave of the water,
The bending forward and backward of rowers in row-boats, the
horse-man in his saddle,
The group of laborers seated at noon-time with their open
The young fellow hosing corn, the sleigh-driver driving his six
horses through the crowd...

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RJ Berens
January 8, 2010
Category: Wellness

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.
- Epictetus

FALSE STARTS: ‘Tis the season to ponder New Year’s resolutions, isn’t it? You know, those lifestyle, behavioral or attitude shifts inspired by the conclusion of one year and the promise of a new beginning when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st.

It’s estimated that somewhere between 80% and 90% of New Year’s resolutions either never get off the ground or bite the dust after January 1st. That’s a pretty daunting statistic; daunting enough to nix New Year’s resolutions altogether. Except… Except if you’re someone who really believes—or wants to believe—in the magic of fresh starts and the excitement, not to mention satisfaction, of trying new things, thinking in new ways, and shedding old, unproductive habits to make room for new, energizing ones.

Why should you resolve to do anything if your chances of success are so slim? I have no idea, which leads me to suggest a different question altogether: How can you create a New Year’s resolution that sticks?

One obvious resolution-spoiler is embedded in the very definition of the word, resolution: “a declaration, a determination, a motion, a decree.” Is it just me, or is there something yawn-worthy about these words? Not to mention that they’re momentum-killers, in that they evoke an aura of conclusiveness: as if deciding on, or announcing, an outcome is the same as actually achieving it. If you were a screenwriter, it would be like giving your agent, or even your best friend, the...

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