Daddyhunt Blog Posts from February 2010

Frank Strona
February 23, 2010
Category: Health

So, what does it mean to be “clean?"

For those of you who follow my blog and some of my other internet-based projects, you know I have particular point of view when it comes to gay men, sex and responsible sexual health.

Lately, I’m finding something I don’t think is all that cool. While I appreciate that some of you will not agree with this post – I do feel it has to be said as well.

If you get laid, have sex, fuck or get fucked, suck or get sucked – however, you want to label it- you are at risk for an STD. As uncomfortable as it may sound, it’s the way it is. This resurgence of the word “clean” as a way to describe ourselves in profiles and CL postings is not only inaccurate, it implies that being sexual makes us "dirty." And, it builds on the fear and ignorance that gets in our way of developing a confident sexual self-identity.

A few thoughts for those who use the word “clean” in your profile: Don’t fool yourself. Most guys with an STD don’t even know they have one, and they are not out to infect you intentionally. The only sure way to know you don’t have anything requires work, honesty and a lot of attention to your own sexual awareness. Being tested is a great start, but is not a guarantee.

Yup that’s right. Testing alone isn’t a guarantee you are not going to have (or get) something. If you don’t want to be exposed to an STD, your options are solo play or sex only with men, who are only having sex with you exclusively AND who have been tested in sequence with you (tested when you first meet, tested 3 months later, etc.) to...

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Jim Sullivan
February 10, 2010
Category: Relationships

I don’t know about you but I’ve always had a love/hate thing for Valentine’s Day. In Manhattan I witnessed guys swaggering down 23rd Street headed to their Sweetie Pie with over-priced long stemmed roses and I wanted to yell, “Hey, over here!” That was my dark period. Things have gotten better.

Some people can’t deal with all the Valentine fuss. One man from Phoenix told me he hides in his house and watches reruns of Golden Girls and mutters his own romance-adverse version of “humbug.”

I’m a born romantic—I turn girlie on VD.I love the cliché red roses, over-sized corny cards, upscale chocolate and dinner out—and lots of hugs and kisses.

I’m a little like Kent who tells me about Greg and himself. “It was Valentine’s Day and I got nothing from Greg. We went out together for dinner but for Greg Valentine’s Day meant little-if he remembered it. He’s the sweetest of the sweetest but I think he’s got the straight gene when it comes to romance. So the next day I told Greg, ‘Honey I want a big fat Valentine’s card from you next year with a big “I love you” written down.’ Greg was like,’Duh, I didn’t know—so sorry honey.’ I didn’t have to wait! The following week—every day--, to my delight, I got a different Valentine card in the mail from Greg with a big I LOVE YOU! He came through. I realized then and there that people can’t read our minds—we have to tell them what we want and need.”

The economy is grim and a lot of folks are out work so I think we should have a National Valentine’s Day Weekend (February 12-14)—to get our mind...

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