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March 31, 2010
Category: Entertainment
Good Times at the El Paso Sun City Pride Fundraiser with Bo Dixon Sponsored by Daddyhunt 1

Bo Dixon fans got a rare treat in El Paso! They enjoyed a Sky Vodka Tasting, a meet + greet and a sit down dinner with Bo himself at the renowned Ardovinos. There was also plenty of Daddyhunt t-shirts and other goodies on hand. Great food, eye candy, drinks and giveaways... Sounds like a recipe for an awesome night and all for a good cause no less!

We love the feedback and photo's from Daddyhunt events across the country so feel free to send them in and we'll be happy to post them. Also, if you've got an event coming up and you would like Daddyhunt to sponsor it, feel free to drop us a line -

Good Times at the El Paso Sun City Pride Fundraiser with Bo Dixon Sponsored by Daddyhunt 3
March 26, 2010
Category: Gay Culture

Hunters at the Christopher Bar in St. Petersburg FL.

We wanted to share with all our members this particularly hot picture of a couple of Hunters sporting our "I (heart) Daddies" tank tops at the Daddyhunt party at the Christopher Street Bar in St. Petersburg Florida. Special thanks to the staff for making sure so many of our members had a blast and to Bruce for the photo!

Daddyhunt is sponsoring events around the country right now and we are getting some great feedback and photos. Keep it coming! Also, if you have an event you would like Daddyhunt to sponsor, feel free to drop us a line -

March 24, 2010
Category: Gay Culture

With all due respect to Tina Turner, what does size have to do with it anyway? Why the heck do gay guys suffer so much penis envy? Or why do they all advertise that they want to meet super hung guys? What’s the advantage of a huge schlong? Not that they aren’t wonderful to look at. Don’t get me wrong. But a big dick seems highly impractical in most situations. Sort of like fins on a ’57 Caddy… impressive and attention getting, but essentially non-functional. (All you Hunters ask your Daddies to explain this to you).

In recent weeks I have been reflecting on this question. Yes, I am probably going off the deep end in my dotage. But it seems to me that this fascination with size is self defeating. And I wonder: So what’s the big deal with big dicks?

As we all know guys come in all different sizes and flavors… as do their penises (or is that peni? or is that a type of pasta you get in the health food store?). There must be some kind of statistical study that shows guys range from a delectable hors d'œuvre size four inches to a throat clogging ten plus inches. Sidebar: I have been tempted to answer advs from guys who claim no gag reflex… but figure for me, it is probably a wasted talent. Second Sidebar: George Carlin famously joked he couldn’t understand why calling someone a cocksucker was a nasty comment. He thought it should be a form of high praise.

I digress. The real question: What is the value of a big penis? From an evolutionary standpoint, perhaps the length gave some of our prehistoric ancestors an advantage of being...

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March 19, 2010
Category: Site News

Hey guys, we recently made a couple of changes to the logged in home page. We made these changes as a direct response to members who asked us for a LARGER thumbnail option for browsing profiles. We couldn't fit larger thumbnails into the who's online frame so we decided to make better use of the logged-in home page. We also wanted to give members a local view of members online in their area to help increase opportunities to connect to other local men. You can still filter the results in the upper right hand corner, but the default is always local. Since these changes, members are reporting getting more messages and views so we're very happy with the results. If you still want to use the other Who's Online view, just navigate off the logged-in home page and you will be set.

We also added a new section called Events on the logged-in home page to keep you all up-to-date with local events that may be going on in your area. We are in NYC and our events module shows the Black Party this weekend. We are all going and hope to see a lot of Daddyhunt members there!

Beneath events is a section for updates from us and new additions to the blog. On the blog we are going to start posting more updates and do a better job of keeping all our members and supporters up-to-date on the things we are working on so there will be fewer "surprises" in the future. We promise to stop changing things without explaining why we are changing them.

The new format for "Who Viewed Me" and "Take Action" allows you to hover...

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March 16, 2010
Category: Site News

Hi guys! Starting today, we'd like to keep you in the loop about feature additions and changes to the site. We are constantly working on refining existing functionality and adding new features. Here is what we added today:

  • Improved Email Notifications: Per popular requests, we added external email notifications for internal messages. Meaning: When a user sends you a message on Daddyhunt, you will be notified according to your email notification settings. In addition, email digests include direct links to the members that sent you the message.
  • Home Page Sidebar: We want to make sure you know what's happening on Daddyhunt, so we tried to condense the sidebar on your personal (logged-in) home page. As a special extra, you can now roll-over the profile photo icons and event names to get more information.

We hope you enjoy the new features!
The Daddyhunt Development Team

March 12, 2010
Category: Site News

We are going to have some fun with Twitter and Facebook and we want to invite all our Daddies and Hunters to join us.

You'll get the latest DH news, early notices on contests, idle (but sexy) chit-chat and loads of love from your buddies at Daddyhunt.

See you online!