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April 27, 2010
Category: Site News

We are happy to announce that we can now help Promoters and Event Planners spread the word via the Daddyhunt Event Listing.

Starting at a very affordable rate of $30 per post, you can reach all the Daddies and Hunters on Daddyhunt and have the chance to gain their support. We welcome all Gay Cultural Events, Nightlife and Benefits that Gay masculine men will enjoy.

With Gay Pride season coming up, don't miss out on the chance to reach out to the Daddyhunt community.

For details, contact us at

April 21, 2010
Category: Gay Culture

It was around Midnight and aside from a string of dim lights placed equidistant along the path, only the full moon above illuminated the “Landing Strip” that went from the center of the facility up into the darkness where campsites were tucked into every nook along the way. On the gravel dirt path I heard the crunching of heavy boots kicking up dirt and there, in the moonlight, I saw the familiar shine of metal catching the natural light, and the outline of black leather harnesses, masks, and chaps could vaguely be seen in the relative darkness of the night as guys left the party that had just transpired. I got a feeling from this moment, and thought that despite so many of us being under that same moon at that moment, not many were experiencing what I was. It was something private, something special, and something undoubtedly gay. Unbridled gay. And yet what I took away from that moment was the thought… how long is this going to last?

I’m in my early 30’s, so I definitely missed the heydays of leather fetishism, but as I got into my late twenties I met more guys into the leather scene and found it to (mostly) be the opposite of the dark and dangerous lifestyle it claimed to be. Leatherman were some of the nicest guys I came across, and the taboo it held as I came up in the more cocktail-sipping lounges of the early millennium dwindled. But it’s always been fun for me, nothing more than the equal to an outrageous club-kid outfit versus serious fetish. And when I go to a leather event I see that the majority of the guys are older, with a couple younger...

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Duke Greenhill
April 16, 2010
Category: Health

Flexibility is an indispensable component of overall health and fitness. In my "Fitness Over 40 FAQ" piece, a DH member reminded me that flexibility training is sometimes just as essential as resistance and cardio training. Flexibility, however, is greatly misunderstood, and the science regarding stretching, still very controversial. So how important is flexibility training?

Flexibility training can improve circulation, reduce stress and increase range of motion, which has a significant impact on balance, a major concern as we reach into our 40-plus years. In fact, 5-percent of men die from accidental falls, and 85-percent of those men are 65 and older, according to the Center for Disease Control. Circulation and stress are also a vital concern as we make our way over the proverbial hill, since a man aged 50-64 is ten times more likely to suffer a fatal stroke or attack than younger men, reports the American Medical Association. But is the "rumor" that stretching is tantamount to true fitness accurate?

Can flexibility really reduce injury and accelerate recovery?

This is a controversial issue in the fitness realm; and significant flexibility training can even be detrimental, depending on one's goals. For example, greater flexibility may impair performance in sports that do not require a high degree of flexibility such as running. Runners with less flexibility are actually more efficient at running (Jones 2002). People who participate in activities that require more than average flexibility (eg: gymnasts, dancers, figure skaters) may still...

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April 13, 2010
Category: Gay Culture

This month, our very own Big Daddy and DH Founder was selected for the Advocate's prestigious "Forty Under 40" issue, an annual list of gay activists, artists and leaders making a difference. Carl is featured with City Council Member Robert Garcia, the lead singer of the Scissors Sisters, Jake Shears and "Biggest Loser" hot-trainer-from-hell, Jillian Michaels - along with 36 other out-and-proud young men and women working to mold our world for the better.

Carl Sandler
38 / New York City

Its name may seem salacious, but Carl Sandler says his five-year-old dating website,, is tamer than one might expect. “The whole idea of being a ‘daddy’ is owning your age. It’s a playful use of the word rather than some old-school concept,” he says, alluding to a connotation that means something akin to silver fox. Averaging a quarter million unique visitors a month, DaddyHunt is not for the money-hungry and their older admirers, Sandler says, but rather anyone who values maturity over abdominals. That definition includes younger guys seeking older men, older men seeking younger men, and the over-40 set looking for partners their own age. “My generation needs a place online that isn’t just about hooking up,” he says. So, is there a definitive age when a man crosses over from “hunter” to “daddy”? “I’m not a person fixated on a certain role,” Sandler says. He’s looking for a boyfriend too, and all ages are welcome.


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April 10, 2010
Category: Entertainment
Good times at WOOF NYC

Mike Dreyden and his buddies know how to throw a party and Daddyhunt was part of the fun. Check out all these studs sporting their Daddyhunt t-shirts!

WOOF NYC is a weekly must at View Bar here in the Big Apple. It is the perfect crowd for Daddies and Hunters on Monday nights. Stop by for a beer and tell them Daddyhunt sent you.

Good times at WOOF NYC 3
April 7, 2010
Category: Gay Culture

I have had the privilege of sharing my life with two different dogs during two different eras of my adult life. It doesn’t feel right to say I owned these dogs, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who looks a beloved dog in the eyes and sees clearly another sentient being looking back at you with an expression that might be quizzical, adoring, or might reflect wisdom beyond our understanding. In any case it is clear the dog is its own person, so to speak, with its own motivations, thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires. The dogs owned themselves without doubt, and I have been fortunate to be their caretakers as well as being the recipient of their generous attention and care.

The first dog I brought into my life was a young, female Rottweiler I adopted from the animal shelter. Looking back I can see that a Rottweiler was a perfect dog for the somewhat insecure young, gay man I was, as her sturdy build and characteristic markings complemented the masculine image I was eager to project. When we walked down the sidewalk together, people often crossed the street in fear. You would never mistake me for a frightened sissy with such a fearsome beast under my control. She was as gentle a being as I’ve ever encountered, however, and she always greeted visitors as if they were long-lost friends. She had a deep-throated warning bark that sounded so fierce, my brother nearly jumped out of his skin one night when he came creeping into my house late in the dark. But even when neighbor children teased her relentlessly through the screen door at the front of the house,...

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April 2, 2010
Category: Entertainment

Let's give credit where it's due. Unfortunately Calgon never did much for me as far as taking me away, but a hot performer always does. Watching someone put on a good show relaxes and motivates me. My hat off to every confident exhibitionist who has ever taken to the stage.

When Dru Bruins path crossed ours at the DH Batcave, it was easy to see how he'd become one of the top scene performers and we had to take the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

Here's a little something to hold you over until he comes to your town. 

1. Do you consider yourself a Daddy or a Hunter?
A Daddy. Not that hot older guys don't turn my head, but I love bottom guys who are smaller, shorter, and younger than me.

2. Tell us your work out philosophy and do you have any tips to share?
I typically train one body part a day, a kind of power lifting/body building hybrid. If there's an arena where "never give up" applies, it's working out. Setting small goals and sweating it out is key.

3. What is the most fun you've ever had performing?
The venues in smaller cities can be great; the guys there are eager to have a good time! I love it when the crowd is having fun and I can raise that energy a little higher. Seeing people enjoy themselves makes me feel good. If you look at pictures from the shows, you can definitely see all of me is getting into it!

4. You travel all over the world. Do you like traveling and what part of this big blue marble do you like most?
I'm always excited to go somewhere, anywhere...

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