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November 30, 2010
Category: Politics
Pentagon Releases DADT Study Results

As it turns out, we won't set off a giant glitter bomb if gays are allowed to serve openly in the military. So says the finally release pentagon report which also dismisses stereotypes about gays trying to check out each others junk in the shower. Looks like all those 'predatory gay' scare tactics used by the right really don't hold much weight.

Here's a summary of the result via ThinkProgress:

- 70% of Service members said they would be able to “work together to get the job done” with a gay servicemember in their immediate units.

- 69% said they worked in a unit with a co-worker that they believed to be homosexual.

- 92% stated that their unit’s “ability to work together,” with a gay person was “very good, “good” or “neither good nor poor.” (89% for those in Army combat arms units, 84% for those in Marine combat arms units.)

- 74% of spouses of military service-members say repeal of DADT would have no impact on their view of whether their husbands or wives should continue to serve.

- 30% overall (and 40–60% in the Marine Corps and in various combat arms specialties) expressed negative views or concerns about the impact of a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Does this mean that a repeal isn't far off? Seems like there's not much more to argue about at this point, but you never know when it comes to bias.

Here's hoping though.

To read the full report (all 267 pages of it), click...

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November 29, 2010
Category: Eye Candy

You may have noticed that this week's Daily Daddy isn't a daddy at all. This fine specimen is Cam Gigandet, whose ass and charm are both on display in the gay wet dream Burlesque (No, it wasn't a train wreck. Yes, I really paid money to see it. No, Cher's face didn't move an inch. Yes, she's still got it).

We're featuring Cam for two reasons this week:

1. Some eye candy for the daddies who love sexy younger men was long overdue.
2. As someone who's mainly attracted to older guys, I find this fella extremely hot. Why is this a reason you ask? Well I'll tell you.

After seeing the movie this weekend I was the first to speak to Cam's hotness which was met with a surprising reaction from my friends. It seemed as if my predilection for older men meant I wasn't allowed to want to bone this younger, smoother, hottie of a man. Now it's true, I do have a type (hi daddies), but I'm also open minded. I would never write someone off just for being outside of my type-zone. At the end of the day attraction is attraction, no?

Have you ever found dating outside your type to be somewhat controversial amongst your friends?

November 24, 2010
Category: Entertainment

I've got my sweatpants at the ready for tomorrow night's yearly gorge fest and I could not be more excited to stuff my belly with all kinds of Thanksgiving goodness. While surfing through some fun recipes for the big day, I came across the most amazing food mashup I have ever laid eyes on. It combines all the classic Turkey Day foods into one incredible (and most likely polarizing) cake.

It's three layers of turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes with a thin layer of cranberry sauce in between. Then - and this is my favorite part - to top it all off they ice the cake with mash potatoes! Mash potato icing! Why have I never thought about this before!? Genius I tell you. If you're feeling adventurous this year, you can find the recipe here.

Now the only question is, who's going to rub my belly after I go back for fourths?

Got a holiday recipe to share with the group? Post below.

gay personals

November 23, 2010
Category: Sexuality

In these modern times, fuck buddies have come to serve a spectacular void in the space between one night stands and long term relationships. Really it all depends on how you use them, and use them we do. We use them to get off, use them to take our minds off someone else, use them to pass the time: they're pretty handy when it comes to quick fixes. FB relationships can go on for years with varying levels of frequencies, and yet few seem to evolve into anything more (which in most cases is exactly the point). However, they do tend to reach a breaking point of some kind. Whether it's disinterest from one party or too much interest from another party, they really aren't that different from actual dating.

The tricky part is knowing how to navigate the often blurred lines of fuck buddyship and make sure you come away from it unscathed. Here are some of the more common signifiers of both healthy and harmful fuck buddy situations:


  • You can text him and he can call you without any worry of rejection. You may not be available some nights but at least he'll know there'll be a raincheck.
  • You both know exactly what you've signed up for. Whether that's just sex or sex with intent to cuddle, both of you know what's about to go down when you get the call.
  • Your feelings are kept in check al all times, and even though he may send flirtatious text messages the day after, you know that's it's simply a way of saying we're still...
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November 22, 2010
Category: Eye Candy

Have you guys met Zak Spears, porno daddy extraordinaire? He's been around since the 90s and has become one of the sexiest daddies on the scene. He was even part of the porn meets soap opera project Wet Palms, a sexy concept with even sexier executions. Someone needs to revisit that format soon, because it was a great idea. But Back to Zak, if you've never seen him in action, be sure to check him out. He's got a beefy look and a voice so strong and deep you may not even need the accompanying visuals to bust a nut.


November 21, 2010
Category: Gay Culture

Having the double-whammy of American culture and a Jewish mother on the same side, there was no way I was making it through my first week on Earth with my foreskin intact. Don’t get me wrong. I’m very happy with my endowment, but I’m kind of annoyed I never had a say in the matter, especially when all reliable accounts report the same thing: a massive decrease in sensitivity and pleasure. Kind of a personal decision I’m rather pissed was made for me, but what can you do? I’ll admit, I’m a wee bit jealous of the uncut, but I don’t begrudge them their foreskins just because I didn’t get to keep mine. Good for them. There is, however, an issue.

Every time I’m with an uncut guy, I think of it as a treat, something special like finding a Toblerone somewhere outside an airport. It makes hand jobs way easier, and the head, not being dried out by rustling up against cotton all day, is nice and smooth. Really, it’s a great time, but… how do I put this delicately?

I’m a man of varied tastes. American, Provolone, Cheddar, Gruyère; it’s all good… but I’ve never quite acquired a taste for dick cheese. Now, I celebrate the natural scents and flavors of manhood as much as the next. I’m all for a little salty skin and man musk when the mood strikes, but I simply cannot fathom how that particular flavor is a turn-on. If you are indeed a smegma enthusiast, God bless. I wish you all that you desire, but given the law of averages, until one is given the green light to act otherwise, it’s just more considerate to, you know, swab the deck, hose down the sidewalk, wipe down the...

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November 19, 2010
Category: Entertainment
RIDE Biker, Bear and Leather Weekend is Asbury PARK NJ

Hey guys.... who wants to win tickets to one of the steamiest Biker parties on the East Coast? All you have to do is comment and caption this image and the best 2 will get tickets. One person will get a pair of tickets so they can take a buddy and the another will get one ticket so they can run stag - be sure to state which you prefer. Winners will be chosen on Monday afternoon and notified via their inbox. Good luck! Here are the details on the event :


After Thanksgiving when you've satisfied your appetite for turkey and are hungry for something ELSE you should join over two thousand men heading to Asbury Park's RIDE PARTY WEEKEND sponsored by Daddyhunt. This is one of the biggest Biker, Bear and Leather events of the season on the East Coast and you want to be there!

Three years ago on the Saturday after Thanksgiving when a popular biker club benefit moved from New Hope to Asbury Park bringing over 1,500 burly men to town, the idea for RIDE PARTY WEEKEND was born. With the addition of the RIDE PARTY at the famous Stone Pony club, and the WOOF! ASBURY Kickoff Party at SWELL, plus shopping, dining, cruising, boozing and tons of men in hotel rooms, the weekend has now become three days of men, muscle, bikes, leather, and sexy furry skin.

Saturday night's RIDE PARTY at The Stone Pony ($15 cover) will feature six erotic live photo shoots by outrageous photographer, Joe...

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November 18, 2010
Category: Wellness

With Thanksgiving just a week away, I thought it'd be a good time to start gathering our thoughts on what we're thankful for this year. I've got a laundry list of thanks, but one in particular that I'd like is share is my thanks to all of you out there.

I am so thankful for all you daddies and hunters out there who've been engaging with the blog and contributing amazingly thoughtful comments to each and every post. I thought this before, but you've reinforced the fact that Daddyhunt isn't like a lot of the other sites out there. Usually you'll find a lot of bitchery and negativity in the comments section of gay blogs, but the majority of our commenters are incredibly supportive of one another and often times expand upon the post in delightfully unexpected ways. Everyone seems so genuine and honest, and that my friends is incredibly refreshing. I was really hoping that this blog would be more of a forum, and I want to thank you guys for helping to make that happen.

So that (and the fact that we get to see Jake Gyllenhaal's ass in his new movie) is what I'm thankful for this year. What are you thankful for?


November 16, 2010
Category: Site News
Paid Marketing Intern Needed for Daddyhunt

Are you passionate about online marketing, social media and the web? Do you have excellent communication and technical skills? Do you know Facebook, Twitter and Daddy/Bear blogs like the back of your hand?

Amazing opportunity to help develop and execute Daddyhunt's social media strategy. If ever there was an internship with real responsibility and the opportunity to make a difference, then this is it. We are looking for someone dedicated and passionate to develop and build our community's social media strategy and get involved at all levels of strategy and execution. You will be reporting on all metrics and be part of a smart, hard-working marketing and technology team.


  • Excited by online & social media marketing
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Extensive experience with blogs, online communities, and social networks from a marketing perspective
  • Strong organization skills
  • Strong technical skills
  • Self-starter who can work with minimal daily supervision
  • Hard working
  • Great energy
  • Familiarity with, and comfort with, gay-themed content


You'll work directly with the marketing director to identify initiatives, set budgets and metrics for measuring effectiveness of marketing efforts

  • Comment on blogs
  • Engage our community of loyal members
  • Manage and engage our Facebook Fans
  • Coordinate contests
  • Create content
  • Work within the Web...
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November 12, 2010
Category: Dating

Ever since I was little, I always wanted a relationship. I wanted a girlfriend in second grade, so I went out and found one. Even brought her in for show and tell. Ultimately, I realized it was men I was after and the thing that I believed would make me happiest would be a boyfriend. Here I am today, out for nearly 10 years now, and have never had the satisfaction of calling someone my boyfriend. At this point in my life I realize that it could take another 10 years before I meet someone. It might even take 20. It's not that I struggle with this potential timeline, it's the time in between that I don't know what to do with. Because even though I've accepted that things are out of my control, to a degree, the desire to be with someone will not go away. No matter how hard I wish it, or how much I distract myself, that want to be with someone is always there and so far I haven't found anything to take it away. So what do I do with myself in the meantime if I can't have what I want most in life?

Well for starters, I can try and get to the bottom of where that desire comes from. The desire to be with someone, is it nature vs. nurture? Is that need to be in a relationship an inherent part of being human? Or are we raised to believe that we need to be with someone to be happy? And when I say raised, I don't just mean by our parents and society, I'm including the arts (literature, television, theater, movies, music, etc.) just as much for filling our minds with stories about great loves. I tend to lean towards the latter. It's all those silly love stories I grew up...

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