Black Party Virgin: Part I

March 1, 2011
leather try on

For years now I've been told that Black Party is one of those things that I need to experience at least once, and finally after many years of conflicting schedules, I'm able to go. For my big Black Party debut (March 19th @ Roseland Ballroom in NYC), I knew I needed a kickass leather getup, so I tracked down one of the leather designers. David Menkes, of David Samuel Menkes Custom Leatherwear, has been in the business for over 30 years and in addition to creating impeccably fitted pieces for Leathermen of all shapes and sizes, he's also one of the nicest guys in town.

Watch as I chat with David about his work and what I should wear when I pop my Black Party/Leather cherry.

Tags: Leather, Nightlife, black party
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About this author: Rob lives in Manhattan with his black pug Riley. When he’s not thinking about daddies, he enjoys writing, eating burritos, watching copious amounts of television, and thinking about his next meal.
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Congratulations on your first B. P. !!! Pity you missed it 4 years ago, the black & brown party. It was my first that year, and though it was a little overwhelming for the first couple of hours at the end of my trip (12 hrs. later) I KNEW I was going to do it again! Hope to run into you and meet you in person!

It's a slipperly slope, my friend... you start off with the Black Party, and next thing you know you're being double-fisted in some dark corner in Berlin... ;-)

All kidding aside, have a great time at the Black Party! And Dave Menkes is the BEST! He made quite a few of my leather pieces years ago, and they've held up to the test of time!

No matter how good the leather is, it only looks as good as the body it's on... and in your case, Rob, it looks fantastic!

Looking great, Rob... and the beard gives you a nice cub vibe....

your body was made for leather. Glad you went with the harness with the handle :-)
Next would be a nice pair of chaps to show off what looks to be great assets.
Have fun.....

Mr. Ron

I heard of a black and white party being held in Palm Springs in California where its probably fun for some guys right while being just regular folks on the street where no one would guess they wore such stuff at a party. There was a gay couple who were florist and assistant florist. Most people had no idea that they were Master and Boi when at home in private at times. If everyone was an assertive leader then there would be no one to do what the leaders want and that would render leaders useless without followers who were made for such a thing by nature sometimes.

You are hot! With or without leather.