Looking For The Next DILF Poster Man

June 3, 2011
DILF Poster Man

We are excited to partner with The Faultline in Los Angeles and their search for the next DILF poster man. What makes a daddy a DILF? You tell us. Better yet, show us what you got.

DILF is a new hot monthly party happening the third Friday of every month in sunny Los Angeles, CA. The party is filled with Go-Go Dads and Lads and men of all ages sweating and dancing to the beats of DJ Ryan Jones. The event features a new hot DILF as their poster man every month and since we have no shortage of DILFs on our site, it was the perfect match.

The photo will appear on the next DILF promotional poster. To apply, submit a photo of yourself (please don't send photos of others) to PosterDILF@gmail.com. The photo can reveal as much (or as little) as you like.

In addition to being a model for the July poster, the winning DILF will get guest list access for up to 10 people to that month's DILF event in Los Angeles at The Faultline.

Don't live in the LA area? You will also receive a FREE one year Supporter membership to Daddyhunt and a DJ Ryan Jones mix CD (be sure to check his beats here). In addition, your pic will be featured on the daddy of all gay blogs. Yup, you guessed it, right here on Age Appropriate.

We could solely be responsible for the start of your DILF modeling career and for that we will take all the credit.

Let's see those pics DILFs! You've got until June 23rd before this contest closes.

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Folks can go ahead and become supporting members though without using this as the sole way to see if they get a free membership. It's a good idea to do the membership thing so folks will see someone is more serious and not just cranking out the free profiles.

What does DILF stand for?

Are you pop culture innocent bddawg? Oddly refreshing yet slightly frightening.

DILF = Dad I'd Like to F*ck.

i love dilfs