Come Meet the Men of the 2012 Bare Chest Calendar!

July 24, 2011

Check it out guys! Sneak peak pictures of the 2012 Bare Chest Calendar guys were recently released!The guys on this Calendar are 100% Daddyhunt quality - and quantity! I know I have my favorites and I guarantee you'll find yours!

The purpose of this annual Calendar is to raise funds for HIV/AIDS charities, but these guys need to be thanked for more than their time and commitment -- they need to be thanked for 13 months of HOT inspiration. Remember folks, for the first time in the 27 year history of this Calendar, they have a Mr. Lucky #13. This is a very special group of men.

You can come meet these handsome and fun guys in person in San Francisco on Sunday/July 31 at the infamous Dore Alley/Up Your Alley Street Fair and on Friday/July 29 at the Up Your Alley Kick Off Party at the Powerhouse Bar. These are the two hottest events in San Francisco this month and the Bare Chest Calendar Men can't wait hang out!

All of calendar sales proceeds are donated to AIDS Emergency Fund and the Positive Resource Center so buy your calendar on Friday or Sunday, meet all the Calendar Men, and get them all to sign your copy, your tee-shirt... or get creative!

See you next weekend, in the meantime, who is your favorite Bare Chest Calendar 2012 hottie?

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About this author: I am privileged to be Mr. January 2011 in the 26th annual Bare Chest Calendar that raised a record-breaking $162,000.00 in calendar sales and fundraising events which we proudly donated to AIDS Emergency Fund and Positive Resource Center.
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Interesting selection. Though I don't see any men of color. But I like who I see. I'll take Ed, Phillipe and Jay.

Favourite is Will most definitely... ;-) Is this available by mail order?

Wow! YOU are my favorite, raunchy lad!

The mention of "handsome and fun guys" is relative depending on personal tastes. Some of the most fun guys of all ages are likely to be more down to earth than the crowd that spends too much time in the bathroom with many varieties of fruity perfumes or belonging to a professional version of "spanky and the gang" where having fun, feeling good and being creative is listed as a series of complex's and syndromes till it gets plain silly and you realize that the doctor just needs to get pinched on his bum for his own good. Mature character is always the best thing when someone is a natural follower where attraction to an in-charge guy can be wonderful depending on who bumps into one another. What is felt over time from what you can't see is the real special stuff for sure. Eye candy is nice but they can get stuck on a life of looking in the mirror and mixing too many experimental energy and mood supplements together at the wellness center resulting in an overstocked medicine cabinet. Hope everyone has a nice day for sure.


I agree! what the heck was that all about???

... if you don't like...
... the consciousness...
... keep away from the stream...


blessings (from the monologue).


Andy Cross. Absolutely. Too adorable.

uh. Why are they all white ?

Michael, Andy, Patrick, Stafford & Philippe

now that would be one hot little "happy meal" I'm not greedy & I do share ;-)

Just a personal take on this (let me get my "hate meter out before you start jumping on my OPINION) but I don't find ANY of the guys to be what I consider "my taste".

While I know that WE HAVE OUR OWN PERSONAL TASTES IN MEN, I don't find anything on any of them particularly attractive at all. Again, that's JUST MY PERSONAL TASTES.

And a couple of guys have brought up the fact there are no men of color in the palate.

Hey there, 2DadsCocks - None of them made my nipples hard either!!

We're on the SAME page, brother!!


Isn't Jay L. a "man of color"? Do you mean there are no african-american men?

I am sort of surprised that this has been brought up. There has been various men of color in the past calendars.The people who put out the calendar don't select the models. They are selected by the public. Perhaps not too many men of color competed to be in the calendar to begin with.

Not a single asian, black, latino or metis *european/first nations or native combined.
HOLY HANGING FORESKIN you boys missed out with this calender- nice but lackluster.
I'm not a fan of all latino, all black, all white - all anything. I like variety of our brothers
page to page. Holy HANDJOB how I'd like to see a METIS man. In the international
assessment of male and female physical attractiveness, METIS rated as #2 in the world.

Having had a sensational relationship with an Adonis that took the city by storm I used to have people come up and ask me CAN I DO YOUR BOYFRIEND. It got that crazy. And - the boys are more attractive to me in the eyes - then they are in the chests and hyper masculine created arms and legs with artificial 8 packs.

I think we're at the extreme of the extreme in this calender. No disrespect to the men,
but it won't be under my chanukka bush this kwanza!

Ooops. JAY - the exception to my rant. WHAT A SWEETHEART! Married or do I have to adopt you? There's a man of non-white origin that is a mix of real beauty - eurasia? Really sexy guy!

I prefer a bare ass calendar though...

I totally agree

my favs are. Andy, Patrick, and Will

hey is there gonna be one for 2013? How do I enter?