Daily Daddy: Heath Jordan

October 31, 2011

He may not be a daddy just yet, but porn star Heath Jordan is well on his way. The young up and cummer, has been doing steady work for the past few years in the porn world and it looks like there's no stopping him. Heath's entire package is all at once cute and sexy as fuck. This elusive combo gives you the best of both worlds: the cute factor makes you fall into a puddle of love with him, while the sexy factor pretty solidifies that you'll want to have sex with him every chance you can. Check out more of Heath over at his blog and you'll see what I mean about his cuteness (pictures of his pet bulldog only make me love him more). Swigh (swoon + sigh).

If you had to describe the man of your dreams in just two characteristics, what would they be?

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Heath is all sorts of HOT!


Two words? Fire in shadow (ok, that's 3 but I'm a nonconformist anyway).

Heath is hot as fuck. If I have to describe a man in two words those would be sexy and funny. That's all I need.

Loving and commanding!

Rough and Ready...


I'm not sure what I'd do if I looked that good...probably spend my life in front of a mirror...haha

Looks like Paul Wagner with darker hair. I'd like to arrange a 3-way... ;-)
Go to his blog (thx for the link Rob) and scroll to August 7. He was an amazingly hot boy.

sweet and sexy.

Hot and sexy.

mmmmmmmmmmm to heath

Would love to major lick your pits - yummie.

Me too I bet he smells so manly.

Heath's going on my christmas list this year.

Holy shit, perfection

Heath is a very handsome, manly and hairy guy...A gorgeous combination leading to total perfection for this blonde cutie..:)