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May 27, 2011
Category: Entertainment

With Memorial Day weekend kicking off the official unofficial start of summer time here in the states, its time to start thinking of ways to cool off this summer. And as we embrace or resist the heat, coming from both weather and wardrobe, there's no better way to relax and refresh then with a nice summer cocktail. Whether you're on vacation abroad or out front on your porch, nailing down the perfect drink of the season can be a bit tricky. In the spirit of the seasonal cocktail switchover, we've got some great recommendations for all your summer drinking needs.

Modelo Negro over ice with a little bit of lime juice and a few dashes of hot sauce. The concept is simple, but this dark beer on ice is intensely refreshing, even with the added kick of spicy.

12 ozbeer
juice of 1lemons
2 dashesWorcestershire sauce
1 dashsoy sauce
1 dashTabasco® sauce
1 pinchblack peppers

Mix ingredients in a tall high glass with lots of ice. Add beer, mix, and serve.

Bloody Mary with Spicy Pickle Brine
You may think that a little bit of heat in this classic drink is counter-intuitive, but a little spicy pickle brine brings just the right amount of quirk and pick me up to an already cool summer drink.

1 64 oz bottle Tomato Juice
Worcestershire Sauce
Tabasco or other hot sauce
Coarse Ground Black...

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May 25, 2011
Category: Relationships

When people rattle of the list of features they look for in a man, usually one of the top three is a nice smile. Bizarre then, that a new study finds men smiling in photos to be the least attractive.

"According to new research on body language out of the University of British Columbia, women find happy men—in this study, men who were smiling in photos—significantly less attractive than men portraying other emotions. In a survey of 1,000 adults, women generally preferred men who looked strong and proud, arms raised into the sky, or sullen and ashamed—in that order. Happy men were rated the least attractive. Interestingly, when it came to male preferences, things were reversed: Men rated happy women the most attractive and proud, strong women least attractive."

As with all of these findings, we never really get the gay angle. The study goes on the suggest that smiling and happiness are often though of as "feminine-appearing expressions," which bring us round to what we as gay men may think. I suppose if we're looking for "masc men" then smiling photos may indeed be a turn off for some. I have two photos I send around to men of the internet: one in which I'm smiling and the other in which I'm not. Some might say the non-smile photo portrays me as a bit more butch (I'm also wearing a backward baseball cap). It's hard to tell which photo has been more effective, but I have notice a trend in the type of guys that respond to each and now tailor which one I...

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May 24, 2011
Category: Entertainment

Daddy Bear director Malcom Burt sets out to do what my mama taught me never to do with strangers: talk about religion. In his new documentary, The Bedroom Commandments, Burt explores one of the most hot button issues around these days, gays and religion. Many of us have struggled with reconciling our faith with our sexuality, and in doing so have abandoned our religious upbringing altogether. Understandably so when so many religious leaders preach our damnation and/or try to cure us. But what happens when we want to stay true to our sexuality and our faith?

"Documentary film maker Malcolm Burt sets out to explore whether or not one can be gay and formally religious. Determined not to be a religion-basher, he is painfully aware that, under the banner of faith, many homosexual people have been rejected, hurt and killed because of their sexual orientation. Scriptural precepts are often perceived as antigay, and homophobia abounds in religious circles - yet there are those who are both homosexual and devout - and proclaim the scripture is misinterpreted. Malcolm struggles to understand how these faithful homosexuals continue to crave acceptance from a club that reviles them - and wonders if religion is not a choice but an accident of birth."

You can watch the trailer here, and if you're in the Brisbane area, Burt will be hosting a charity screening on June 15 at Palace Centro Cinemas (


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May 21, 2011
Category: Gay Culture

The Bare Chest Calendar is a San Francisco-based icon now in its 27th year of raising critical funds for local AIDS services charities. In 2011, we were able to raise a record-breaking $162,000 despite the challenging economy, thanks to our loyal fans across the U.S. as well as in Canada, France, the U.K. and the Netherlands!

My name is Mark Buckovich and I am extremely fortunate to be Mr. January 2011. I take great pride in spreading the word about this amazing annual fundraising project and soon we will be able to put another year under our belt with the 2012 Calendar! I'll be posting regular updates on Daddyhunt regarding our progress and events throughout the rest of the year.

The Calendar is unique because, in addition to selling the Calendar, the Calendar Men also raise money throughout the year by hosting fundraising events in San Francisco, Palm Springs and Sacramento, from hoedown dance-a-thons to Gay Pride street fair booths. A large number of volunteers help put the Calendar and the year-long events together so 100% of every penny we raise goes to AIDS Emergency Fund and the Positive Resource Center. Our biggest fundraising event is the annual Dinner Date Auction Gala in August at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel where the 2011 Men brought in a record-breaking $40,000.

On May 1, the final competition for the 2012 calendar tool place at the DNA Lounge and it came down to the "Lucky 13" Men for the 2012 calendar. Yes, "Lucky 13"! Every year the Calendar achieves some sort of unexpected "first" and this years competition resulted in a...

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May 20, 2011
Category: Entertainment

Some Friday fluff to carry you into the weekend.

I'm sure they'll be plenty of comments about the men, the skin, and, of course, the song. Let's hear it.

May 19, 2011
Category: Gay Culture

Silence. That's what we walked in for several blocks after seeing The Normal Heart this past weekend. Three of my friends and I sat at the bar, each of us ordering drinks ready to talk about the play, and still we sat in mostly silence. After about an 20 minutes we found ourselves somewhere between deeply moved and deeply depressed and decided it best to end the night. It wasn't just the rave reviews from both critics and friends alike that had me aching to see The Normal Heart, Larry Kramer's semi-autobiographical play about the rise of HIV/AIDS in New York City. It was the need to further my gayducation in both history and the arts.

The material and performances from the entire cast were so strong, that almost a week later, I find myself thinking about the play at various points throughout my day. I think of all the gays I know: close friends, acquaintances, even peripheral friends of friends and wonder what it would be like if in the span of a few months 40 of them were dead. I can't imagine the uncertainty, the fear, the frustration of something so mysterious and deadly that's seemingly targeting your entire world. And worst of all, that no one seemed to care. I don't think the younger generation of gays really understands the terror and devastation that this disease once caused, and still can cause. And even though we're bombarded with safe sex messaging and education, we still don't really get it. Especially now that HIV is considered such a "treatable" disease.

Aside from a realistic depiction of the onset and hysteria of the virus,...

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May 18, 2011
Category: Entertainment

See this is why I love bears: they're so comfortable in their own skin and like the beloved Honey Badger, they don't give a shit. A new bear burlesque-style show out of Chicago is proving just that, taking a troupe of 14 bears, cubs, otters and wolves and dancing about through the nightlife scene. "Furrlesque" has set out to encourage the all inclusive sentiment that the bear community is so well known for, all under the guise of dance moves, sex appeal, and the infamous burlesque tease. You'll find some really insightful quotes from the group here and a bit more about how they got started.

With such focus on body image in the gay community, I applaud anyone who tries to subvert the oft excepted notion that we need a six-pack to be sexy. Especially people taking it on in such a fun way. The truth is, there a million different things that make a man sexy, and then a million other things that make a body sexy. Most of all it's the confidence in knowing who you are and and what you've got that carries it all. Bears are better than anyone at this, and I think it mostly because of the environment they surround themselves with. Like most behavior in the gay community, its learned. I only wish that our entire community would be more willing to disassociate itself with judgement and embrace the open, excepting, and supportive nature our bear brethren...

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May 11, 2011
Category: Gay Culture

There's nothing worse than having swamp-ass. Let's just get that out of the way. And with the temperature on the rise it's important to get some airflow into the often overheated nether regions. Luckily, Swedish underwear brand The White Briefs and men's style magazine Fantastic Man have teamed up to create a collection of mesh underwear just in time for summer.

I thought mesh clothing had gone the way of New Kids on The Block, but seeing as the boy band has made a semi-stylish comeback, it seems only fair we welcome back the breathable material with open arms, and in this case groins, as well. It doesn't hurt that both the underwear and undershirt were designed with comfort and style in mind.

"The cut and fit of the three pieces were also a chief concern. Rather than restricting the wearer, the pieces follow the natural line of the body, complementing movements. The briefs feature a boxy, high-waisted cut with a double-layer of mesh in the crotch for a little added support, while the vest arches across the chest to curve pleasingly around the armpit. Even the t-shirt gets a little added attention on the cutting board, with arms nestling midway down the bicep while the high neck draws the attention up to the face."

You have to admit, they look pretty sexy on the models and if we can't be naked all the time, this seems like the next best thing. The collection sells online with prices pitched between €35-60 which you can find...

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May 6, 2011
Category: Dating

I think Honest Abe summed it up perfectly when he said, “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." I'm a self-professed mama's boy as well, and as Abe so poignantly said, I wouldn't be who I am or where I am today without her. From accepting me as a gay man to sending me chicken soup when I'm sick, she's always been there to support me. And with Mother's Day coming up, I thought it only fair that we pay tribute to our loving mothers, but in a very Daddyhunt way.

Like I said before, my mom's been great with the whole gay thing. After she got over the initial shock, she was waving rainbow flags all over the place. She even came to a few gay bars with me. But it took her a little longer to get used to the idea that I had a predilection for older men. Probably because in most cases they were closer to her age than mine. Which is understandable. Even with my straight brother she tends to be protective. It seems though that outside of the gay world though, there's still a stigma against May-December romances. When I was 20 I briefly introduced her to an older gentlemen I was dating and while she approved of me dating a man, she worried about me being taken advantage of by an older one. Of course all her fears, much like her initial ones to me coming out, were not particularly realistic, but at the time they seemed so. In recent years, she's made peace with it and realized that it's not something that's going to change anytime soon. And while I haven't brought a guy home in a while, I know that when the time comes, it'll matter more about me being...

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