IML - Here We Come!

May 21, 2012
IML - Here We Come!

Are you ready for International Mr. Leather? This Memorial Day weekend, thousands will come to Chicago to partake in the festivities and there's plenty of leathery goodness to choose from.

Our very own MISTER team will be at the Leather Market manning our first booth at this legendary event and we can't wait to be a part of the sexy fun. Think of the MISTER booth as your own professional photo studio. Portrait photographer, Andrew Giammarco will be taking some kick-ass photos - perfect for uploading to your MISTER, Daddyhunt or Facebook profile. Our mission is to help you guys have the best profile pictures possible so you can get rid of that fuzzy picture, that picture from 10 years ago or that one of you with the really bad haircut. Be sure to stop by and show off!

Even better, we're on the hunt for more MISTER models, so they'll be plenty of eye candy hanging round these parts. We'll post the best pics on Facebook and the 5 contestants that get the most FB 'likes' and comments will be the finalists. Winners will become part of our summer ad campaign, receive a free Premium membership to MISTER and a cash prize of $100.

MISTER is proud to be a part of this great event and we are excited to meet our MISTER and Daddyhunt members in person. There will be plenty of eligible men at IML, so be sure to login with the MISTER app if you're in the Chicago area to see who's out and about. Maybe you'll meet your very own MISTER leather this weekend.

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Sounds like a very naughty event for sure. Adam Lambert being very naughty in a bit of leather and a little whip for naughty bouncing bums was seen as not appropriate for prime time but its the more fun things that get bumped from TV networks of correctness. Hope everyone has a fun time with the leather drag just as every type of wardrobe style deserves to be respected for sure.

I wouldn't mind being bent over by a leather daddy one of these days lol

Hi looking for to try to stop by. I'll be competing for IMBB. This will be my 8th yr in a row. I'm bringing my daddyhunt shirt. So hope you guys will have little time to come sit in my chair for a shine,get your votes, casue vendors,volunteers get a ballot to vote for IMBB 2012. Also we have our Famous bootblack party sat night with chocolate cake and big silent auction.
If you like and can give you a few of my bussiness cards.

Hope to meet you at the MISTER booth! And then around the corner at the IMBB area. I have a pair of boots that are in serious need of a shine.

I like you woow

I'll be wearing my daddy hunt shirt Friday. This
way you know who to look for.

I love a hot, fuzzy ass, fuck yes, I want your fuzzy hot ass.

Some Hubbys honey will be needing a spanky at that IML meeting for sure.

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