MISTER App Party and Model Search at the SOFO Tap in Chicago

May 6, 2012
MISTER App Party and Model Search at SOFO Tap in Chicago

Hey CHICAGO! Are you ready for a MISTER party? We have a few events lined up and the next one is on Saturday, May 12th at the SOFO Tap. We are moving on with our Model Search so get ready to mug for the camera studs. Hosted by DJ Moose and International Mr. Leather 2004 Jason Hendrix, this is going to be a night to remember with giveaways and drink specials all night long!

This is how it works... We'll have community photographer John Cotter on hand to snap a few pics of anyone interested. You can use the picture as your official entry for the Model search or you can just use the image to liven up your profile. Think of the SOFO Tap as your own personal photo booth.

We will post the best pics on facebook and the 5 contestants that get the most likes and comments will be the finalists. The winner will get a professional photo shoot with Jon Cotter, become part of our summer ad campaign, receive a free Premium membership as well as copy of the paid app upon release and a cash prize of $100.

We are looking for Daddies, MISTERS, Bears, Leathermen, Jocks and all the REAL men in Chicago to come out and represent.

See you there!

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Would be interesting to also see the photographers come out of the shadows and into the light of the lens.

Hit it up boys, this thread is due for an update. The president has just chimed in favor of gay marriage. Atta boy Barry but to me it's not worth the remaining liberties we are being asked to relinquish at this time...nothing is men, nothing.

What other cities are you going to?

I go to Denver every year to see a legally blind friend but have never been to Chicago except to have a layover to get to Vegas or Orlando.