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January 27, 2012
Category: The Arts

I love it when artists enter into different mediums. Especially when it's for a good cause. Victoria Bennet's 2012 calendar, "The Naked Muse" features photographs of male poets taken by female photographers to raise money for Type 1 diabetes. The black-and-white nudes were taken to illustrate poems about the topic of the male muse.

Take a look at these artful nudes, and if you're feeling so inclined purchase the calendar and contribute to their fundraising.

And while we're on the subject, how many of you out there would or have taken professional nudes of yourself. And if so do you hang them at home or use them mainly for your online profiles. Let us know about your experiences, and any recommendations for posing, being photographed, or an actual photographer.

photo credit : Laura Hynd

January 24, 2012
Category: Health

If being able to get gay married in Washington wasn't enough to make you happy, how about this news: apparently being able to get married is quite the boost to older gay men and their mental health.

Having a committed and legally recognized spouse or domestic partner has proven to ease the stress many elderly gay men feel, which includes financial fears and age discrimination. "[The study] shines a light on the mental health of a generation of gay men who survived the early years of the AIDS crisis and came of age on the heels of the gay rights movement," Williams Institute scholar and researcher Richard G. Wight, Ph.D., said in a statement Thursday. "Whether legal marriage benefits mental health within same-sex couples in the way it has been proven to benefit different-sex couples deserves much more empirical attention, particularly given that same-sex marriage is not available in most states and was only briefly available in California in 2008.'"

Just another reason gay marriage needs to be on a faster track to legalization.

For the +50 crowd, what are some common stresses that you face as older gay men?

January 21, 2012
Category: Eye Candy

Just another reason to move to Australia. Dan Murray, a model-esque underwear designer from Australia, shows off his collection and some seriously sexy models on an Australian morning show in the video below. His line, Sly Underwear, runs the gamut in terms of design (and taste), but they're all kinds of fun. Be sure to check out both the model and the actual underwear modeled after a pair of jeans. Take a look and let us know which one (model or underwear) is your favorite.

I use to save my more colorful underwear for dates, but lately I'm finding myself wearing more of the classic plain briefs look (something I've always been into on other guys). When it comes to undies, do you prefer wild and crazy or solid color classics?

gay personals

January 18, 2012
Category: Sexuality

In my internet travels today, I came across this video from Perfume Genius featuring Arpad Miklos.

It's the debut single from his new album, Put Your Back N 2 It and I think I kind of liked it. But that's not what we're here to talk about today. Most of us in the Daddy/Bear community love and lust after Arpad - no secret there. What makes this video special and creepy to me is at the 1:36 mark. Because here it goes folks: I once had a wet dream about Freddy Krueger. Yes, horribly disfigured, movie monster, fingers-for-knives Freddy Krueger. So to see Arpad in the mask and glove creeps me out to the nth degree...because Arpad is hot...Freddy is not...and now my penis is confused. But there's my embarrassing sex dream confession to you all. I hope you'll do me a solid here and share your embarrassing sex dream stories and any other oddities you feel like confessing today.

Don't leave me out here all my lonesome. Please.

January 16, 2012
Category: Gay Culture
Mr. SoCal Leather Returns!

Did you know that the Mr. SoCal Leather title that has not been offered since 1997? Well the Mr. SoCal Leather competition is back and this year they expect a bigger turnout than ever for the newly updated version of this legacy leather contest. Back in it's hay day, over 500 hot men would be decked out in leather and skin, eager to make connections with other men. As with many a leather fest, you can expect to see musclebears, bears, bikers, Daddies, hunters, Masters, and slaves along with those who defy categorizing.

Be sure to check out what's sure to be a homecoming of sorts for the The Eagle L.A., where they're always serving up a tasty mix of hard-driving rock and the latest man-on-man video entertainment. Unlike other title contests produced in Los Angeles, Mr. SoCal Leather (SCL) is not strictly a feeder contest for Mr. L.A. Leather (LAL). The winner of SCL 2012 will have the following options:

1. Compete at LAL either this year or next;
2. Compete at IML;
3. Compete at American Brotherhood Weekend;
4. Not compete for another title.

So whether you decide to work the pageant circuit or not, it's all good fun. To be eligible for membership in the L.A. Band of Brothers, a contestant must compete for the LAL title. All Southern California titleholders are welcome—as well as those without any title—to compete in the contest. This includes all past, current, and future L.A. titleholders, Mr. Long Beach Leather, Mr. San Diego Leather, and Mr. Palm Springs Leather. Contestants can download the application & information form at...

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January 13, 2012
Category: The Arts

It's about time the over 50 set were recognized for being the sexy beasts we on this site know them as. Photographers Tommy + Alan have dedicated a new photography project to gay men over 50. Frontiers has a nice interview with the photogs about the new project and why it's important to highlight the oft-overlooked demographic. A good number of the men, who range from 50-70, are in the best physical shape of their life. Which just goes to show you, you can be fit at any age. Tommy and Alan are looking to take more pictures, and I know quite a few Daddies on here that'd be perfect for it, so be sure to check out their site, send them some pics and tell them DH sent you! Eventually they'd love to turn the online project into a book.

Let's do some quick polling: at what age did/do you think you looked best?

January 11, 2012
Category: Entertainment
Old Dogs & New Tricks

In the why didn't we think of that category, comes a new web series about life after 40 called Old Dogs & New Tricks. "The “Baby Boomer” web series follows the friendship and tribulations of four diverse and otherwise successful West Hollywood men – each one located squarely within middle age and asks the question, "Does (sex) life end for gay men as they approach 50?" What results is a pretty funny look at growing old(er) in the gay community. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of this series (or possibly a spin off set in another locale) as I'm sure it'll give us plenty of topics to discuss.

What did you think about Old Dogs & New Tricks?

January 7, 2012
Category: Dating
Do you love Daddyhunt/MISTER? Have a story to share? We want YOU!
It’s been over a month since we released MISTER and your response has been awesome. We’ve heard your feedback and are working hard to add many requests to a new update launching later this month along with an Android version. Thousands of you have downloaded MISTER and there’s been more activity on Daddyhunt than ever before.

To keep the ball rolling, we’re talking to press to help introduce MISTER to the world and we’d love YOUR help! We’re looking for MISTER men to share to their feedback, stories, and experiences meeting like-minded, serious men on MISTER. We believe the people on Daddyhunt and MISTER are what make it a unique and pleasurable place to meet great guys and we’d like to feature a few members in some upcoming articles.

If you’ve enjoyed your experience on MISTER and Daddyhunt and would be cool with being interviewed in the press about it, please fill out the info below. Participation is 100% voluntary - everything you share within the community is private and always will be - but for those of you that love the limelight, this is for you!


Some comments or stories will be selected and featured in national and GLBT press. We value your privacy and ensure that your identity or likeness will be protected. Should you share...

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January 4, 2012
Category: Gay Culture

It's amazing how much bear/cub culture has grown in the past decade. I guess when mainstream shows like Glee and The Big C are incorporating us into their plot lines, it's a pretty good indicator that you've arrived. That's right, we bears and cubs are kind of a big deal now. So it's only fitting that we have a line of clothing made just for us. Cub Couture offers a line of comfortable and witty t's that make a bear feel warm and fuzzy inside and out. Started by a group of guys who were fed up with the lack of stylish bear wear on the market, the line continues to grow and expand.

And because the guys at are so cool, they gave us an exclusive discount just for DH members. Stock up on hoddies and t's and take 25% off your purchase when you use the promo code: DADDYHUNT.

We love to support our community. If you've got a small business with a great product or service you think our members would be interested in, send us an email and maybe we can help spread the word.

January 3, 2012
Category: Wellness

The world's going to end this year. That's how I've chosen to live my life in 2012. So what if the Mayan calendar is a bunch of hooey? Wouldn't all our lives be richer if we really did live this year like it's our last on this earth? Think of all the things we could accomplish if we had a deadly fire lit under our asses? The positivity surrounding this year already seems to be overwhelming if Facebook and Twitter posts are any indication. So no more putting things off, no more taking my time to think about the outcome, it's time to do all the thing I always said I would and not fear what lies ahead. I want to be clear though, I'm not saying be reckless. There's a big difference between fearlessness and recklessness, but I just think it would benefit us all to take the time that we have and make things count.

Here's to the best year of our lives!

What are your goals for this year? If you write them in the comments below, they might be harder to ignore. I may even check in on you and see how things are going.