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July 31, 2012
Category: Dating
The AARP Gay Man's Guide to Dating After 50

Over on the AARP's site, they've put together a list of tips for gay men over 50 looking to date. All are pretty spot on, especially the part about ageism and valuing your age and applying those lessons learned into better decision making. Oddly enough, these dating tips can really apply to any age:

1. Confront your fears
2. Embrace your new reality
3. Pick your meet 'n' greet venues wisely
4. Be self-aware, not rigid
5. Realize you can be single and happy

Granted, #3 is reliant upon knowing yourself, something that really only comes with age and experience. #2 could really apply to any reality, whether you're new to the dating scene or, like they say in the article, "have been there done that". Authenticity and acceptance are really the key to any happy human, and when you're able to embrace those things (i.e. be content with with being yourself) the rest seems to fall into place. All too often we put too much pressure on the things we want most in life, which for many gay men is a partner (be it sexual or life long). The gay community doesn't make things any easier, but that doesn't mean the cycle of negative thinking and behavior can't be broken. Being confident with who you are and what you want, is something gay men take note of (whether they admit it or not), and often times will pass it on. There's nothing more comforting then knowing that you can be 100% yourself and be 100% successful at life.

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July 27, 2012
Category: Entertainment

Oh the joys of discovering new gay hotness on the internet! Meet Gerald McCullouch. Many of you will recognize him from his role in Bear City, or his work on CSI, or best of all, his critically acclaimed play Daddy (which had runs in both LA and NYC). But if he's new to you, like he is to me, you're welcome. He's been making the rounds promoting Bear City 2 (which filmed in my beloved Provincetown) and was just on The Candi & Randy Show doing a delightful interview about the movie, bears, and plenty more. Sadly, it's just a radio interview so you can't stare at this lovely looking man, but still enjoyable nonetheless! But since we need a little skin, check out the trailer for Bear City 2 below for even more fun and fur.

Was anybody there when they filmed? I know they were recruiting bears to be extras here in NYC and Provincetown. Let us know about your experience if so.

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July 20, 2012
Category: Dating

Drinks. Dinner. Transactional conversations of what you do, where you grew up, what you like, blah, yada, blah. If this sounds like your typical first date, you're not alone. Maybe it's just me, but it feels like first dates have gotten stale. Whether it's from playing it safe or trying to keep your enthusiasm in check, it seems that these days most first dates just go through the motions. Don't get me wrong, drinks are always a safe and trusted first outing for getting to know someone. This is especially true when the date is going nowhere and you're able to excuse yourself after the second round. But all too often these dates can feel scripted and stale. Which is why I'm putting an initiative out there to start getting creative with first dates and start making them more of an experience. Some of the greatest dates I've been on are ones that are active, adventurous, and best of all unpredictable. If you're the planner, there may be some hesitation in putting effort into a first date (oh the games we play), but something as simple as going to the batting cages or checking out a new art gallery can shake things up without creating too much fanfare. What makes these types of dates so great is that they allow you to concentrate on more than just making yourself sound interesting and create ample ideas that lead to stimulating and insightful conversations about one another.

So we want to know, whether it worked out or not, what's the best first date you've ever been on? Let's share our stories and inspire each other with new ideas to spice up dating. If all goes...

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July 16, 2012
Category: Gay Culture

Sup? Is there any phrase more loathed in the gay community at this moment? It's come to represent the worst of us, like the constant qualification of how masculine one is, the transactional nature of our online correspondence, and worst of all, our inability to communicate with one another as we would in real life. One of the reasons MISTER exists is because we've heard from so many who are frustrated with the way people chat on gay dating apps. MISTER was created to enhance online communication and start a conversation with real men. And while we can't change the way everyone chooses to converse, we can poke a little fun at what constitutes conversation these days.

See what happens when MISTER meets Cruisey Bro and watch this all too familiar (and all too funny) tale unfold.

How do you think we can improve our communication in the gay community?

July 12, 2012
Category: Gay Culture
Sand Blast - The Biggest Blast You'll Have All Summer

There's nothing better than being on the beach with hundreds of hot men folk. Though one could argue it gets a little bit better when you add in music and drinks that come in buckets! It was just a few years ago that I experienced my first Sandblast weekend. in Asbury Park, NJ, and I've been going back every year since, mainly because Asbury has climbed fairly quickly up the ranks as one of my favorite summer getaways. It's a great mix of the best parts of Jersey Shore (yes, there are plenty of best parts) and gay destinations like Provincetown and Fire Island without being overpopulated. They've been working hard down there to get things up and running, and they're well on their way at this point. In fact, one of the reasons Road Trip weekend and the Sandblast beach party exist, was to get gays down to the town to see how much fun AP can be.

MISTER is going to have a great presence this year (July 20-22) and we're super excited about our involvement which includes sponsoring the volleyball game on Friday from 2-5pm, the Underwear party on Saturday from 1-5am, and the pool party and tea dance on Sunday from 11am-8pm. We've got some really fun stuff planned so come on down!

I'll be there, along with a few others from the DH/MISTER crew, so if you see us out and about be sure to say hello and save us a dance!...

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July 9, 2012
Category: Site News
We’re pleased to introduce the Photo Parade!

Everyday, members upload thousands of hot, fun and good-looking photos of themselves. We wanted a place where we could celebrate them.

With the new Photo Parade feature, you can see an up-to-date stream of all the latest photos uploaded to the site. The Photo Parade features both new member photos and new photos from existing members, and you can filter the list by age group.

To have your own photos included in the Parade, just upload some new public photos to your profile (private and adult photos are not included in the Photo Parade). Your photos will appear on Photo Parade the next day.

Check out the Photo Parade now! (potentially NSFW).

Warning: side effects of Photo Parade include addiction, drooling, and sleeplessness from hours of looking at hot photos.

July 2, 2012
Category: Site News
Misters Join Daddies and Hunters: We’re Going Poly

We know many of you are into threesomes. They can freshen things up and add some spice to a relationship. And they are just damn fun for single guys. This week we’re introducing a third. Please join us in welcoming Misters.

What’s a Mister?

  • Anyone who joined through the MISTER mobile app

  • Anyone who isn't quite sure if they are a Daddy or a Hunter

For years, we’ve heard from many new users that they don’t feel like they fit into either category. Rather than forcing someone to pick a category right away, members can now choose Mister*.

Think three’s a crowd? That’s OK too. You can still do a basic search by profile type for the man (or men) you want.

Try it out for a bit. Let us know what you think.

As always, thanks for the great feedback.

The Daddyhunt Team

* To change or edit the type on an existing profile, click on Profile - Profile Basics.