"Put a Finger In It" - and Other Thoughts on Anal Play

April 24, 2013
"Put a Finger In It" - and Other Thoughts on Anal Play

We’re big fans of furry funnyman Greg Scarnici’s ability always find the humor in taboo topics, and his latest comedy video, “Put a Finger In It,” is no exception. This hilarious ode to the art of, umm, shall we say, “digital” love had us rolling, and we think you’ll give it two big thumbs up, too.

Now, we know some of you guys, particularly those who prefer the top bunk, might find the idea of having someone pull up to your bumper somewhat of a touchy subject, but we’re curious: does the desire for anal stimulation when you're getting your rod worked on mean you might secretly be a closet bottom?

The answer, at least according to this article we found on Psychology Today’s website, is not necessarily. In fact, it just means you’re completely normal. Turns out people of all sexual persuasions—including 24% of straight men—enjoy the art of the backdoor finger bang every once in a while.

So go ahead, all you top dogs out there, embrace your inner bottom. Better yet, share your favorite techniques for getting into the dig in the comments section. We promise nobody will point fingers. Well, unless you want them to.

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I think nothing turns a great blowjob into an AMAZING blowjob like a having finger or two moving around inside my back door.

"...inside my back door." ??? You are aware that this is the year of our lord 2016?

I rather like pressure - digital or sometimes penile - being applied to the nether regions as I'm nearing orgasm...and on the rare occasion, with just the right guy, I might even want slight penetration - just not truly probing in any fashion. Not very adventuresome? Well, blame it on issues with forced fisting some years ago.

Many times, a better "tool" for the job is a good vibrator....oh yeah!!!

Maybe I'm weird, but a finger feels more uncomfortable in my ass than a penis. Getting fingered doesn't feel that good, even to loosen up or stretch further. I'd much rather "stretch" with the actual phallus of my partner instead.

agree 100% - it's no fun being pierced in such a tender area with the sharp corner of a newly cut fingernail.

I dont like anything up My ass.The exception being a talented tongue.

Greg Scarnici is HOT! Great beard, great moves and great dance beats. I'd do whatever he likes to get him off. Maybe he'd reciprocate! WOOF! He's one FABULOUS Italian stallion.

Great ! Just what gay life needs ! Convince the last 20 per cent of the gay population that they too should be bottoms. For once in my lifetime it would just be nice if a bottom, especially a hung one, would lament it and finally decide to to get in touch with his top self ! Oh, but I guess that's the problem. Half the tops and versatiles are all too aware of their inner bottoms.; But since when has any bottom ever even had an "inner top". Thanks for that great encouragement guy.
Stuck here in Jersey: "The Topless State"

:) A regular lament here in NYC too. If you upgrade to supporter, you can use the Advanced Search tool to root out every single NJ Top on the site!


I just looked at there were pages of them "online now."

So many bottoms in New York. Too true.

But about the PT article - as many women will tell you, this is why there are Press-On Nails. You don't think all those things are real, do you? (Don't tell the GOP.)

Hey Rjay, for what it's worth there are some of those out there!

Natural bottom who discovered his 'other' side a few years back .. :)

LOL. Love your post. My inner top is always on, mentally. But unfortunately, when it comes time to penetrate.......there's just something that says no thank you. Sadly. On the other hand, I love sex with bottom guys. And for many, it's not always about penetration, or penetration with a dick anyway if one can be open minded and imaginative.

I am a top and really enjoy that position. It has been my experience to know, in my many years, only three bottoms who really loved being and knew how to work with a top to bring both to a very pleasant end. I guess it might be because I am an only 6inches and a lot of bottoms are looking to be with guys who are bigger than average.

Hmmm, I might be in the minority here, I never heard of the guy and I thought it was stupid- didn't laugh once. "Hillarious" ? No, sorry.

I'm guessing you meant to disagree with the premise. Not sure where you got the idea it had to be funny. But thanks on sarcastic, unfriendly way you disagreed. I especially like the totally irrelovant comment "I never heard ot the guy". If you get the chance, look over the commenting guidelines.

I'm "guessing" you read me wrong. Gee I thought I was pretty straight forward, no need to interpret for me but thanks for the kind gesture. The description said it was hilarious, talks about laughing. I didn't think so. I was being honest and expressing my opinion. "I never heard of the guy" was not irrelevant, because if he is of some notoriety - I sure never heard of him.

But thanks on YOUR "unfriendly"response. I especially like how you mention commenting guidelines, when you call me "sarcastic", "unfriendly" and I think what you meant to say was "irrelevant". If you get a chance try spellchecker :) Yes I did read the guidelines.

Commenting Guidlines

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion on a subject and is welcome to comment and share their perspective. We disallow anything that discourages an open, thoughtful and honest discussion"

I think you might find that at no time while I was expressing my opinion on the video did I make it personal or disrespect any member of the site as you did to me in your reply.

There is always one great option Jray, you can always ignore something. Me? I'm sticking to my opinion. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Fingers are great, but just like a dick, they need to be wrapped in latex...so use a glove...it's not for HIV prevention, but to block against cooties that travel on the digits, especially in the nail area...plus the glove will add a layer of protection from sharp nail surfaces...hope I didn't buzzkill this whole fantasy with the clinical suggestion, just sharing some hopefully useful health-related info...as for the video, it was kinda fun, and certainly harmless, but I won't watch it a second time.

Your comment is right on. I always use gloves. The other party is always glad when that happens. And I always wrap vibrating toys in condoms. Vibrating toys from small to large can be very hot when used on relaxed, receptive kissable bottoms.

I am honestly the weirdest person when it comes to sexual positions. I do not like being serviced but will not be fucked and prefer to administer the anal.

Why doesn't anyone read Marquis de Sade anymore? sigh

Because nobody wants to read pretentious, obscure shitliterature.

de Sade pretentious? LOL

I prefer a dick up my ass than a finger. While a dick is hard, it feels more soft than a finger does and I think that has more to do with the fact that a dick has no bone in it, or for that matter, a finger nail.

After a number of health related misadventures that either anal sex disagreed with me or I with it I realized that there were people of such great oral sex skills they made anal sex unnecssary. I have not had one STD since. I have not had good luck with butt sex; almost every time I have gone there I have gotten some infection or lesion or some damn thing, so I said :enough!!, my penis is allergic to this form of sex! I haven't taken an antibiotic for an std for 14 years. But... whatever floats your flotilla. It's not like I don't understand the urge, and frankly I would do it do it with a partner. Just no real motivation to do it on a casual sex basis.

I agree. I'm very very particular when it comes to anal with a guy. There's a whole lot of sex that can be done that's mind blowing that doesn't involve always going there. Too bad some guys are so stuck in the top/bottom thing. You either gotta be a top or you gotta be a bottom. No imagination at all.

I agree 100%. It is much better with a partner. casually is not a good thing.

Hmmm, the thought got me to fingering myself. Had to wash up so I could type this!-)


I liked the music and the moves, although i wish i could have understood more of the lyrics. This guy is definitely hot in my book, and a little sphincter play can definitely intensify the finale! Would love to be the one to get him there.