This Mermaid Has A Boyfriend

April 4, 2013

A bit of a non sequitur from our usual posts but this is just too amazing to not mention. As previous mentioned: this mermaid has a boyfriend. Meet Eric, the subject of last night's My Crazy Obsession which aired on TLC. I'll let the trailer tell you the rest:

See guys, if a merman can find a real man, there's hope for us all.

While we're on the subject, what's your crazy obsession?

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Hey this is great. I have always had an imagination of the mythical. I wish that it could be true. I could fall for a merman anyday. please let it happen.

It's great seeing a merman who's first name isn't Ethel.

You made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

Ashamed to say I didn't get this right away. Good one.

Gives new meaning to Chicken of the Sea...
Hope his boyfriend doesn't make him scale back his activities.
I was hooked on this story with the picture.
When someone asks how he's doing, does he always say "swimmingly?"

Well you certainly out-did yourself. One more simile and I would seriously start suspecting you of "fishing" for a compliment.

Good sir,

Your observations on the "Merman" are off the hook!

This Queen needs to get some mental help.

Certified scuba instructor or just certifiable?

Boyfriend's cute so he must be doing something right.

hmmmm fishy!!!!! lol

a really hot whack job with a hotter boyfriend. Some times crazy is cute.

I find it disheartening that people (especially gays) are quick to label this kid "crazy". His hobby (now turned into a career) does no harm to himself or others. In fact, perusing this merman bit, makes not only himself happy, but others who are around him.

Why is he crazy?

Similar reaction. The hint of cross dressing is outweighed by the necessary athleticism, especially being able to hold his breath for 4 minutes. Maybe his critics could try that<g>.

I agree. It's no different than people dressing up as their favorite Star Trek character at Trek conventions...or any other scifi or comic book confessions.

Like Will Smith said to Tommy Lee Jones of the MIB black suit "I make this look good."

This guy makes the tail look good.

well, guess this would give fly fishing a whole new meaning.....

Mmmm would enjoy de-boning him....slowly. Can it with all the negative comments, unless it is in water, and not oil.

This is why gays get stereotyped
drag queen with a tail.

he is very handsome the thing he loves so much could cost his love with his boyfriend

He could get other mermen, rent a tabernacle, start a choir and be known as...

i think this guy is awesome, he does what he loves and has a partner that is ok with it, rock on dude :-)

I LOVED it !! move over Daryll Hannah !!

i saw this episode. too bad he has a bf and lives across the country from me. i would love to be his bf. him being a merman is so HOT!!!!!!!!

I'm a big fan of his Mermaid fantasy!
I would totally join him on his fun
& to have a boyfriend as sexy as
the one he caught: maybe being a mermaid
is the key to finding my man ;)


Atta boy! Good for him for being brave enough to follow the beat of his own drum. He should be nothing but admired. Life can be far too serious and he's not hurting anyone. Just stay away from those horny and hungry gators.

There's hope for us all? I wouldn't go that far.

For the guys criticizing him... you're ok with bears, pigs, cubs, and other fetish based self-identifications but have something against mermaids? get some perspective.

Maybe he'll start a new gay trend. I'd go to a gay mermaid bar! Swim up bars with exotic drinks and underwater drag shows.. sounds great!

He's braver than 90% of us living his life how he wants. Worrying about gay stereotyping?? thats so 90's. Who gives a frack!

They should give this guy a job at sea world!

"Haters gonna hate."

He's probably pretty good in bed - considering all the body undulation he's doing all the time. "Yeah, boy! Shake it!"

I am glad he has a place that makes him feel safe loved and creative... I wish more peaple would find that peace inside themselfs... str8 or gay.. we all have dreams and fantcies ...good for you.... happyness

Surprised you say Mermaid in the post and NOT "Merman!" Lots of writers make this mistake which is a shame.