Join us in Provincetown for our second annual Daddy Days!

July 23, 2014
Daddy Days 2014

Daddy Days 2014
Sunday August 10 – 17th, 2014
For over a century Provincetown has provided a safe and tolerant summer getaway for gay, lesbian and transgendered people. Provincetown is an especially welcoming place for gay men who are older and for those who admire them. But there had never been a week dedicated solely to Daddies until Daddyhunt rolled into town!

This year has sponsored a full week of cocktail parties, dance parties, TripleX all male review, piano bar, fetish party, pool party, Boy Butter lube wrestling and more!

Daddyhunt’s handsome welcoming crew will be on deck to usher you into town, swag you up, and help you mingle with all the hot Daddies and admirers who come out to play.

Our host hotel is once again Crew’s Quarters located right in the center of town on Commercial Street and the Crown and Anchor. Book your rooms quickly because they are going fast! Use promo code: DADDY to get a 15% discount.

Take a look at the full Itinerary:

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Why do you guys always wait until the last minute to post this event? this needs to be on the Ptown calendar of events or on your website much earlier so people can plan the trip. if you want this to be successful , people need advance notice. I actually emailed you guys months ago asking if you were planning it this year, but never heard back .We wanted to attend, but there are 10 of us and not easy to plan such a trip on short notice.

@jonsema You are absolutely correct and we promise to get started earlier next year! There's still availability at Crews Quarters. Use promo code DADDY to get a 15% discount.

Troy, thanks for the reply, but unfortunately we will be there the week before. Hopefully, you can make this an annual event and get it on all the event calendars. hopefully we can make it next year.

Hope the event is a great success!

I will be there the week before as well. :( wish I had known earlier...

We will be at Crews Quarters this weekend 8/1. Anyone else going? This is the first time staying there, I have always wanted to stay there. Every time I walked by, it seemed the guys on the porch were always having a good time.

This is my wish,is to go to P-town.And say hi to everybody.This is my only wish,to see everybody.You see,I'm losing my eyesight,and cant come to the party.

From the pictures posted it seems more like a Bear - Cub type of party that true ??
I am a daddy aged 63 who loves twinky boys.....hows the attendance of that type of boy ?
As far as Bear - Cub can find in every Steamworks almost every weekend.

A "who's going" list would be cool -- where you could add your name and see thumbnails of other attendees.

@gefen53 There are all sorts of older and younger guys and this is our second year so we expect it to be bigger and even more diverse.

@otterhound That's a great idea!

Just joined the site and will be arriving in Ptown TOMORROW!! Staying one week and looking forward to your events! Cannot wait - my first trip - and glad I picked the right week to join in!

I was in P-Town on Friday and had a great time. So, all you Daddies and the like will enjoy the special attention.
I would recommend as for FUN Entertainment: "A Musical Cooking Lesson with the Calamari Sisters" at the Sage Inn, 336 Commercial. This is absolutely hilarious!! If you're Italian or know someone or know someone that knows someone Italian, this is perfect for you!! It's truly a BLAST!! ;-)

9PM ~ Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri ~ August 5-22


@appasionato Make sure you introduce yourself to the Daddyhunt crew!

Please announce your plans for next year much earlier to allow people to make travel plans. I would have loved to have been part of this year along with some friends, but it was announced to late.



@jonsema We will post next year's date as soon as possible so you can make your plans for next year. Sorry we missed you!