Introducing Daddyhunt : The Serial

January 29, 2016
Daddyhunt The Serial

Introducing Daddyhunt : The Serial

Apps like Daddyhunt give us access to a world of men. But sometimes the best ones are just across the hall...

In that spirit, we present Daddyhunt: The Serial! It’s our first crack at original content, where we prove that the search for the perfect Daddy is anything but straight-forward.

Dadddyhunt : The Serial

Check out episdoe 1 on the Daddyhunt Facebook page, where our buff young pup finds out that his salt-and-pepper super isn’t quite who he expects.

We don’t think it’s anything you'll expect, either.

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They are hot. Want to see more

yes they are hot i love them

Definitely hope this continues. They are adorable.

I ran into this serial and got hooked. Love it. keep them coming. It is so true about the Daddy culture. Daddy men are not just hot, they have so much to teach us. I never understood my attraction to the salt and pepper hair men, and now I am 51 and salt and pepper. Its amazing.

Just love it, keep them coming!

No tienen subtítulos es español para las series?

I really enjoyed the series. It was more realistic than that LOOKING series. I'm 64 and I'd take the 'phony' handyman anytime! Hope to see more.

sure like them make another make number 6 or even more please

This serial hits close to home for me. I am the 54 year-old salt & pepper Daddy who has a young Pup at the gym who looks exactly like the young Pup actor in the serial. I looks as if I could be his father, or his "Daddy" and he knows it and he is definitely attracted to me as I don't think his real father was ever a part of his life. He remembers meeting me on the river kayaking years ago but, sadly, I don't recall any of it and he seems to think we have been friends for years, and there is no denying it was me who he met on the river years ago that left an impression with him. I am definitely attracted to him, but I just have not been willing to push the boundaries as he seems to have more than enough age-appropriate Buds who appear way more closer than just average Buds and I don't want to risk his friendship and I love talking to him. This serial, however, could tempt me to just go for it and see what happens... Thanks, Guys, for listening to my story.


I was similar to the guy at the gym you described and always like older men, although I wasn't looking for a father figure since I always had a very loving, understanding, and open relationship with my father (I told him I was gay when I was 18 and he accepted it). Knowing what I know now, I realized I missed many opportunities because I was never willing to be the first one to make an advance. In hindsight, the same occurred to the older men who were attracted to me. So my friend, the following is my advice: Go for it.

If the Pup remembers you and obviously likes you, then there is already a connection. He may be sexually attracted to you, but being with his peers could make him shy to just go after you. Many times I found myself in social situations where I was attracted to an older man but I didn't make a pass because I was with other friends and felt inhibited. Maybe all your Pup needs is a little push.

If the Pup is not originally sexually attracted to you but he's fond of you, if you take him out to dinner or go on a nice date where you talk openly and become closer, he may respond to a sexual advance because the eroticism now is coming from a deeper place. I had relationships with men whom I wasn't sexually attracted to at the beginning but once I got to know them, they turned me on.

If the Pup isn't attracted to you sexually but you go on dates together and get to know each other better, he may become a close friend. This happened to me a couple of times, and those friends, who have left this world, will never leave my heart.

So don't be shy and invite the Pup for a drink, to have dinner, to go kayaking, to the movies, etc. Take it from someone who wished that older guy at the gym who drove me crazy would have asked me out...Get it?


Hey marty50s:

Thanks for the encouraging words, Brother. I'm going to take your advice and see what happens... Got it, my friend, I finally got it :)


Stereotypical marketing shit to get press and advertisers. Kid is maybe 25; other guy perhaps 45. Both hot and butch.

The reality: old guy 55-69, fat, homely, diabetic. The kid maybe 22 and fem, colored, isolated, desperate.

Both major issues, not too tightly wrapped. Maybe financial and sexual exploitation.

The Disneyfication of dysfuction.

Just call it what it is.

Now THAT would be a fascinating, groundbreaking series! You should write a treatment.
I hope some creative, bold people put your idea into production - and send you a big fat royalty check.

Dear DH,

Just what we don't need: Another slickly produced marketing video about men picking each other up. So what?

Wish you would spend your time and energy making more of an effort to clear your site of all the flakes and juvenile acting adults on it that degrade the site....Do you really hold anybody responsible for their bad behavior.......with or without paying you money?

well done!! want to see more!!

This is really fun and light hearted. I enjoyed it for what it is. To the few angry cynics, I suggest you get yourself to a psychotherapist instead of sharing your sadness with the world. Bitter party of one, your table's ready.

Is this porn? I'm confused by it. The acting is pretty good, the script is kind of irritating. Its view of the characters is totally porn, totally objectifying. I don't see that much age difference between them. Both are abnormally, overly jacked. I hope it isn't porn, because blurring the boundary between film and porn is not something I like or respect, though it can make the porn indecently hot, as in Locked Up. If it's not porn, the characters should either be less stereotypical and more real, or just less shallow. It may be realistic in terms of a lot of the gay community is very narcissistic and shallow, but that is not to be encouraged.

I thought it was great. Hope you make it a continuing series!

Very professional, entertaining and inspiring for the rest of us looking for a partner. You want these guys to just knock it out of the park. You can see in their eyes they're made for each other. I'd ring their doorbells and fix their plumbing anyday. Hopefully they'd both have an uncontrollable drip that needed some serious attention. Can't wait for the sequels...


disgusting series

I'm somewhat confused here. The brief snippets of this "series" totaling all of about 7 minutes feel like coming attractions. Where's the full "serial"? Yea these very brief tastes are good but so skimpy that it almost doesn't make any sense. What am I missing here? Each of these episodes should be at least 30 minutes or more long. Can someone please explain to me what's going on here!

Truly one of the most disturbing disgusting vile series ever put on the web daddyhunt oughta be ashamed to condone this kind of behavior upon the gay community and the LGBT once again turns a blind eye.time for trump to clean up all this mess once and for all!

And the gay actors are so unreal and pumped up with steroids

Homosexuals can be recorded as the most destructive and despicable group ever heard from.

They cry out for privacy in the bedroom and then publicly announce their sexuality, demand tolerance but deny others the very same virtue, they claim to be nothing more than innocent victims but victimize anyone with a dissenting opinion, claim that they only want equal treatment, but in reality they constantly crave negative attention and demand a celebration of their lifestyle, they wallow in vanity and pride, insist that "tolerance" and "acceptance" are synonymous words, and their claims that the "homosexual" family is on par with the "heterosexual" family is mainly a form of display.

They are petulant, compulsive, militant, and obsessed with their own sexuality; they make their sexuality their whole personality.

Just love this video!! watched around 20 times in 30 days. See the pup's reaction when daddy invites him for a date! Absolutely love the way daddy touches the pup's chest when the pup is lying with his friend as his boyfreind !!

Would defintely love a daddy like that for a pup like me 11

Just love this video!! watched around 20 times in 3 days. See the pup's reaction when daddy invites him for a date! Absolutely love the way daddy touches the pup's chest when the pup is lying with his friend as his boyfreind !!

Would defintely love a daddy like that for a pup like me ;)

Disgusting serial at it's best hopefully it'll get cancelled very soon.What's next the trans chronicles?

Don't know about you guys but I think the "EX"
is the hottest one. :)

Nice video! I hope i could find mine here :-) .


where's episode two already????

Breaking news the series has been canceled due to low ratings and the trump revolution that's headed our way ,)

It's too bad a desperately closeted Republican keeps commenting here.