'DADDYHUNT: The Serial' Wins 'Best LGBTQ Film' and...

July 9, 2017
'DADDYHUNT: The Serial' Wins 'Best LGBTQ Film' and...

Congratulations to the CAST and CREW of 'DADDYHUNT: The Serial' for Winning 'Best LGBTQ Film' and 'Honorable Mention: Actor - Jim Newman' at the Top Shorts Online Film Festival 2017.

To celebrate, we're releasing this Award Winning Short Movie version of the Serial, which includes never-before-seen DELETED SCENES!

Produced in collaboration with Building Healthy Online Communities. For great advice from the serial's cast on how to make the choices that are right for you about your sexual health, click here: http://www.daddyhuntapp.com/health


WATCH now at https://www.facebook.com/Daddyhunt/videos/10155481295949476 or on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umRT0LSyf_w

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it was hot show

It was a hot show.

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It is very nice.

Can someone become involved with daddyhunt the serial?

Great short. Very romantic - like I wish a hookup (dating) site would be. Both men are sexy but I have to say, Daddy plucks at my heart strings big time.

If it only worked out that way in real life

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It was beautiful and well done! Congrats to Cast and Crew (and Producers) and of course DaddyHunt. Please do more.

A Fan!

it is very nice, i like this site.

You say you made the film to promote healthy online communities. Yet the couple in your short meet in-person and interact mostly because they connect in-person as they live in the same building.

It might be helpful to explore how meaningful connections could be created using an online community -- especially as people are often judged within these communities solely by a single photograph and a few short profile lines.

Just a thought...

A very positive movie. We need many more of these type of movies. I'm SICK of all the "suck and fuck" porn films!

It was a great story, really made me smile and I'm looking forward to the sequel. Things don't happen like that in real life, though.

If you're going for reality, make a movie about an average looking guy who falls in love for a hot, hairy chested, ripped-jeans, muscle bound, dirt poor daddy bear who has bankrupted his last 3 boyfriends, has a credit rating so bad that he can't even get a Netflix account, has a hefty drinking problem to escape the realization that he is in fact gay, his parents hate any man he's brought around them and feel compelled to send bibles to these guys with irrelevant scriptures high lighted via certified mail. Then the daddy bear goes out and gets arrested for DUI, calls the average looking guy to ask for $10,000 in bail money who is then subjected to shouts of abuses and obscenities from incarcerated daddy bear when the help is not provided. Then our handsome daddy bear has a restraining order taken out against him because he's crazed with jealousy, rage, resentment that's been fueled by years of alcohol abuse.

When the muscle stud finally gets his hit by Karma and goes to the big house for theft, our then said average guy, picks up the pieces of his shattered life and puts it back in perfect order and signs a contract with himself that reads "The next time I think about getting another boyfriend, I'll just find an alcoholic that wants to kill me, and buy him a car instead."

And he lives happily ever after


NOW: Make a movie about that.

You really nailed it! Thanks

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Good morning, how to receive all informartions in Portuguese? Better for me, thanks!

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Nice story and very well done video, but for a community that is drowning in alcohol, literally, couldn't these guys at least just have a cup of coffee once in awhile?

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