November 6, 2018
Vote 2018!

The crucial U.S. midterm elections are upon us. For all of our U.S. based Daddyhunt members, Daddy wants to remind you to get out and vote today! Your voice & your vote matters.

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Everyone should vote. It's very important. But what I want to know is who's the guy in this picture.

very hot guy.

I've often wondered who he is as well. Usually see him on the daddyhunt home page. What a wholesome, masculine stud. Love the body hair too.

Yeah, the other guy he appears with in the homepage pics is hot, too.

I would like to request that you return to allowing Visitors to our profiles to be known to us. I don't understand why you cut that out. I understand you try to encourage people to upgrade, but that seemed a simple and helpful tool to know whom is looking at us. Please return to that .
Thank you.

Does this guy going to be next president?

Is, not does.

I did vote and luckily the blue wave materialized. Trump is dead meat and Mueller is going to get him, Trump jr. and I hope, a few others in the corrupt GOP leadership, like Mitch McConnell, who had to know fully what was going on with the Russian collusion.
P.S. I think that man you're all talking about is adorable.

Ah yes, in the same way that Obama's two midterm losses made him dead meat. No Democrats are corrupt of course!

I do sometimes wonder if the average 'liberal' isn't mentally retarded. Perhaps it's true that it's not a case of not being able to think, but not understanding the difference between thought and emotion.

no doubt retarded, issue with liberals, they usually dont have aclue what theyre talking about, just love to argue for the sake of arguing, and they are goofy liberal because that makes them "cool",,, like flakey Hollywood..

he is very handsome...can i have him?

We'll all have to take turns!
He might like that.

Screw the anti-LGBT GOP! (But not in a good way).
Let Pence fantasize without our help.

lets have threesome.LOL

U need to update ur blog more often. Late Nov here & ur still talking about getting out to vote. Too late now.

get rid of vote ad tired of seeing it I be proud of Trump he is better than the [filtered word] we had


Open borders - make America another Venezuela. Silent coup - make America another Venezuela. Raise taxes - make America another Venezuela. Double the nation debt with nothing to show for it - make America another Venezuela. Protect the maobamacare disaster - make America another disaster. Slobber over maobama, Hillary Rotten, Senator B.S. Fauxchahontas, stupid Uncle Joe - make America another Venezuela. Election fraud - make America another Venezuela. This site evidently loves disasters like Detroit, Calipornia, Ill-inois, Venezuela, and Cuba.