November 6, 2018
Category: Site News
Vote 2018!

The crucial U.S. midterm elections are upon us. For all of our U.S. based Daddyhunt members, Daddy wants to remind you to get out and vote today! Your voice & your vote matters.

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Everyone should vote. It's very important. But what I want to know is who's the guy in this picture.

very hot guy.

I've often wondered who he is as well. Usually see him on the daddyhunt home page. What a wholesome, masculine stud. Love the body hair too.

Yeah, the other guy he appears with in the homepage pics is hot, too.

I would like to request that you return to allowing Visitors to our profiles to be known to us. I don't understand why you cut that out. I understand you try to encourage people to upgrade, but that seemed a simple and helpful tool to know whom is looking at us. Please return to that .
Thank you.

Does this guy going to be next president?

I did vote and luckily the blue wave materialized. Trump is dead meat and Mueller is going to get him, Trump jr. and I hope, a few others in the corrupt GOP leadership, like Mitch McConnell, who had to know fully what was going on with the Russian collusion.
P.S. I think that man you're all talking about is adorable.