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January 19, 2015
Category: Gay Culture

The Supreme Court has agreed to finally resolve the national debate over same-sex marriage. The justices will consider four cases from Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, consolidated and heard together. They will hear 2 1/2 hours of oral arguments in April and and issue a ruling in late June.

What do you think the outcome of this historic ruling will be?

January 15, 2015
Category: Gay Culture

Yesterday twins Aaron and Austin Rhodes came out to their father at the same time and posted the touching video on YouTube. The twins live in a different state from their Dad so they called him on the phone to break the news.

Did you come out to your Dad? What was his reaction?

January 12, 2015
Category: Gay Culture

Father Martin Dolan came out as gay last weekend during a sermon in which he supported equal marriage rights for same-sex couples in the Republic of Ireland, where a vote on the issue is slated for May. “I’m gay myself,” he said. The Dublin archdiocese declined comment on the matter pending discussion with Dolan, who is away on a previously scheduled vacation, reports the Belfast Telegraph. One of the congregants said, “We are all very proud of Father Martin. Because he has admitted that he is gay he doesn't change the person that he was before it.”

Read full article here:

How do you feel about this?

Carl Sandler
January 7, 2015
Category: Gay Culture

Carl Sandler, CEO of Daddyhunt, has strong words for recent critics of the announcement by Stephen Fry, 57, and Elliot Spencer, 27, that they are planning to marry.

“What's all the fuss? There are millions - yes millions - of intergenerational relationships in the gay community and many of these started out on Daddyhunt. It's all about the experience, not the age.

Congrats to Elliott and Stephen for showing us that love knows neither gender nor age. Gay men have spent decades fighting for our right to love one another without judgement. Anyone who would deny that to Elliott and Stephen are dealing with a legacy of homophobia that says gay men are only interested in youth and physical perfection. To even question why a younger man would fall in love with someone as handsome and distinguished as Fry is narrow minded.

When people find out that I’m the CEO of Daddyhunt, one of the first assumptions they make is that younger gay men who date older are just gold diggers. We have hundreds of thousands of younger men who appreciate older men, both physically and mentally. Not everyone chases an image of themselves. Thank God! I say, congrats for Elliot and Stephen!"

January 6, 2015
Category: Gay Culture

Florida ended their statewide ban on same-sex marriage at the stroke of midnight Monday, and court clerks in some Florida counties wasted no time, issuing marriage licenses and performing weddings for same-sex couples overnight.

Are you in a rush to marry that special someone? Or would you rather remain a bachelor for life?

December 25, 2014
Category: Wellness
Surviving the holidays

Relationship expert Carl Sandler discusses ways to deal with the holidays on "The Morning Jolt" with Larry Flick on Sirius/XM's Radio OutQ.

December 24, 2014
Category: Eye Candy
What are your naughty new year plans?

New Year's Eve is a good night to get naughty! What are your plans this year?
and what are your naughty new year resolutions for 2015?



December 22, 2014
Category: Sexuality
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December 19, 2014
Category: Dating
Safe Daddy Dating Tips

#DaddyDating can be tons of fun and super exciting, especially when you meet a new guy who makes your heart skip a few beats every time you get an in-box notification. It’s easy to get distracted when romance is in the air, but don’t forget to keep yourself safe when hooking up. The Anti-Violence Project’s goal is to help end all forms of violence against gay and HIV-affected community members.

So… what kind of precautions do you take when meeting a new guy?

Here’s some valuable tips from the AVP website:

Use your tech
Text yourself or friends about where you'll be and who you’re with. Include the username your date uses, and a picture of the person if possible. Save messages when using websites and apps.

Meet in public
Meeting in public allows for greater options for safety. If possible bring friends with you, as they can watch your back and give you their impressions.

Question dishonest behavior
If the person doesn't look like the picture they sent you, ask them about it. If they don't have an answer you feel comfortable with, leave.

Know your limits
If you're going to use substances, including alcohol, consider deciding ahead of time when and how much you will use. Never leave your drink or belongings unattended.

Trust your instincts
If you feel threatened or unsafe at...

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December 16, 2014
Category: Dating
The Ins & Outs of Daddy Dating

What sorts of comments might intergenerational couples get from other people, and how should they respond?

Gold Digger, obviously. It’s easy to assume that younger guys who date older guys are looking for cash. I’m not saying a big bank account isn’t a plus for some younger guys, but most of the guys on Daddyhunt are genuinely attracted to older men and the things that an older man has to offer, in and out of the bedroom.

Judgment. People can be very judgmental. No — scratch that — they can be evil, vindictive, jealous bitches. That being said, if you and your older/younger partner have love and respect for each other, the people who genuinely care about you will see that. You can’t worry about everyone else.

It can be very painful not to be ‘seen’ for who you are or to be dismissed by other people’s narrow-mindedness. But put that pain and anger into becoming the best boyfriend or partner you can be and taking as much joy, love, growth (and sex) as you can from the experience. One of the central tenets of the gay rights movement is that it doesn’t matter who you love, but how you love them. I think that applies to anyone who goes against the grain, including people brave enough to enter into intergenerational relationships.

Luckily, our society and culture is beginning to get more comfortable with the idea of couples of different ages and as more and more do it publically (Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Dustin Lance Black…) they will continue to achieve more mainstream acceptance. Relationships between...

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