Sexual Health Questions


Daddyhunt recognizes that our site is made up of a diverse, loving, sexual, multi-dimensional and vibrant userbase. We also understand that we come from different places, histories, experiences and health agendas.

Daddyhunt is dedicated to creating opportunities for dialogue among our members. We know that some members use Daddyhunt to socialize and meet new friends while others are looking for dates, partners and casual encounters. It is this diversity that makes Daddyhunt an open and thriving community.

With this is mind, we felt it was important to make sure our members understand that Daddyhunt is committed to supporting routine sexual health.

Daddyhunt recommends that sexually active gay men, especially those with multiple sex partners and members that meet sex partners online, be tested annually for HIV, and every 3-6 months for syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia. If you are HIV positive, make sure that you work with your medical provider to have routine syphilis testing added to your routine blood work.

Daddyhunt also reminds members that when testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia to ask your medical providers to swab your throat and your butt. Not all STD’s have symptoms in these locations, making them easy to pass on to others.

We also agree that sexually active gay men should be tested and/or vaccinated for Hep A and Hep B and if appropriate, have a Hep C test.

You can visit to find local testing resources or ask your primary medical provider.

Got a particular STD or sexual health question? Our very own Daddyhunt blogger Frank Strona, who is experienced in gay men’s health, can help you. Send him a question or ask him to blog on areas you think are important to sexual health! Frank can be reached at

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