Photo Guidelines


Please read and follow our guidelines below. We recommend uploading a wide variety of photos to get the most attention. We strongly encourage your main photo is of you, and we suggest showing your face.

We rate photos in two ways: Mobile Phone Safe and G-Rated. Therefore, please upload fully clothed photos or photos with only your shirt off.


  • What's Mobile Safe?
    • Fully clothed, or shirtless (as long as its above the waistline)
    • Most any image that you would consider using as a Facebook Photo.
    • Appropriate swimwear is OK, as long as there are NO outlines of genitals and butt.
  • What’s not Mobile Safe?
    • Full underwear photos
    • Sexually suggestive poses, touching or grabbing of the groin
    • Pants or shorts cannot be pulled down or outward


  • G-rated photos have more flexible standards than mobile safe photos. Keep in mind, however, photos marked G can’t be your main photo on the mobile app (but will appear in your secondary photos).
  • What's G-rated?
    • Shirtless photos
    • Pants or shorts pulled down with underwear showing
    • Most underwear photos that are not sexually suggestive, or contain any visible erections or outline of the butt or genitals
    • Certain types of swimwear are acceptable, following the same guidelines as underwear


  • Photos showing sex or intercourse
  • Objects being inserted (fingers, dildos, carrots, lightbulbs)
  • Bodily fluids (blood, urine, semen) or scat
  • Children under the age of 18 (including photos of yourself)
  • Baby or child photos of any kind, including adult baby photos or diapers
  • URLs or copyrights
  • Posting the same image repeatedly
  • Photos showing firearms, acts of violence, racism or hatred towards people or animals
  • Obscene gestures
  • Text about genital size or sex acts
  • Drug use or any drug paraphernalia
  • Celebrities
  • Advertisements of goods, services, or other websites
  • We are a US-based company, and our photo content guidelines were created to comply with Section 2257 of Title 18, United States Code.

    Thank you for following our guidelines!