What is a public profile?

Daddyhunt now offers members the ability to link directly to their Daddyhunt profiles using the URL http://daddyhunt.com/profile/username

Users who wish to take advantage of this new feature MUST actively check the 'public profile' option in their Account Preferences. By default this box is unchecked so please go to the Account Section in the navigation bar and be sure Public Profile is checked before you send out links to your Daddyhunt profile.

The public version of your profile will display on the following fields from your Daddyhunt profile to visitors who are not logged in to Daddyhunt:

  • Username
  • Daddy or Hunter
  • Age
  • Location
  • Relationship Status
  • Your description (from About Me)
  • Public, G-RATED photos
  • Online status

The public profile will never include any of the following:

  • Private pics
  • X-rated pics
  • Buddies
  • Any information not listed in the fields above

If you would like to preview what your public profile looks like, simply enable the feature in Account Preferences and then type in the URL format with your username directly into your browser window: http://daddyhunt.com/profile/username

You may disable the preference at any time simply by revisiting your Account Preferences, unchecking the box and clicking SAVE at the bottom of the page.