What can be done about member harrassment?

We investigate all reports we receive related to a violation of our Terms of Service and our policies. However, we do not police the content of private communications between our members and advise members to exercise cautious judgment while corresponding with members of our site.

Based on our investigation we may send a warning to the member, or possibly ban him from our site if we have discovered actions in violation of our Terms. We do not get involved in personal disputes between members, however, and suggest ignoring any communications with members you find yourself in conflict with or block that member completely.

To block a member, go to that member's profile page and select "Block Member" (located beneath the "Make Contact" link). Once a member is blocked he will no longer be able to send you emails of any kind and you will also be unable to send him emails so long as he is blocked. You may unblock a previously blocked member at any time.

In general, responding to people who harass you online is counter-productive. Harassers feed off the fact they are bothering you, and any communication you have with him only feeds his need to continue.

Remember, if you ever feel physically threatened by another member, or perceive any real danger, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.

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