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Intensely creative guy, writer and professor. I am in a relationship, and when we are separated (different continents, for work) we have occasional romps. I am tender, funny. I put a lot into sex, and expect the same. I also think getting Japanese noodles and then seeing a film at the Kabuki is one form of heaven. There are others. I'm a nurturing kind of guy--always cooking for my friends.

I am 5'10" and 210, so stocky, with big chest and shoulders, white hair on chest, some on shoulders and back.. Sort of your classic daddy/bear, though not so heavy. I do go to the gym. HIV-, sane and relaxed. Kissing is important, and I have insanely sensitive nipples. I like sex mild and wild, tender and meaty. I am more of a bottom or bottom/vers these days. In general, I love to play with butts as much as I love to play with cocks.

I'm looking for a slim to average build, muscles are fine, or none, say 21 to 46. Someone with cultural interests would be great, but really it is a connection I am looking for.

P.S. Put your age range in your profile, please, so that I know if I am in it or not. If you have almost nothing in your profile, I probably won't contact you because I don't know what you are attracted to, so if you are interested, you will need to let me know.

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