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Looking for FRIENDS ONLY . . I currently have a great bf.

Younger man
100% drug, smoke and disease free
SANE and level headed
Goal Oriented
Easy going personality
lover of the ARTS
someone who doesn't mind budget travel as long as you get to see places and things
someone who is not materialiatic
someone who likes roller coasters
a family man
someone dependent and independent
and the list goes on . . . that would be in an ideal utopia

I'm really looking for a good man, to get to know, do things with and create a strong, loving connection. Relationships take TIME and not quantity, but quality. I want to be smitten with someone again . . . I want to want to buy flowers, come home early and surprise him, take care of him when he is ill, work with him and support emotionally and physically. Pie in the sky . . . so to speak but somewhere, somehow someone like this might actually exist. I'm by no means perfect and I do falter once and a while, but I usually spring back and have a verve for what life has to offer. Just last summer I spent 20 days in Japan . . . traveled by myself but met up with some friends while I was there. I have been traveling off and on when I have time and funds and love road trips . . . especially when I have time to go and explore things I find along the way. I love a grand hotel from time to time but much prefer the simpler route as i'd rather spend my money on going to see things than to spend it on a hotel room that you only see through the back of your eyelids . . . so to speak. I'd love to open my doors to young people in need of a hand UP rather than a hand OUT and help them when their loved ones have rejected them. I'm one of the lucky ones where my family has been truly amazing. Even after a time period of adjustment and one very heated exchange of words . . . my father has accepted it and has stopped trying to change me. I found that to be a huge success in my life!

Okay . . . shoot . . the ball is in your court! HUGS

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