Hunter, 34 years old


: Baltimore

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: Single
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I'm a spunky, hyper-active, rock n roll, cub/boy that loves daddies and bears. I'm open to NSA, dates, friendship, or possibly a relationship. I live life with no agenda and no apologies. I live in Baltimore, aka 'Charm City'. I enjoy nights out with my friends, camping in the summer, travel, classical music, reading, and good sex :) . Mostly interested in men over age 40. Bald/Shaved heads are my kryptonite!

I have no time for bad attitudes, or image/body/status-obsessed queens. I’m not concerned with living up to anyone’s stringent physical qualifications for dating, friendship, or sex. I’m very comfortable and happy with my body. I am HIV Positive, and I’m not ashamed of it. Not even a little! Love men that are stigma free! Love PrEP Warriors!

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