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I like men who have a variety of strong body types, lean, muscled, or with a little insulation; my preference is for those who take good care of themselves, body and mind. I truly am much more excited about the goals and the mental/emotional connection I share with someone than with that person's specific body type.

2017 Travel & Travel Plans

** DC (JAN & MAR); Kansas City/Omaha/Minn/So Dak (Feb 6 - 21);
NYC (JAN & Mar 25-Apr 3) **
CHICAGO (May1-3)
Minn/Omaha/ Kansas CitySo Dak (May 4-16)
Kansas City/Minn/So Dak (Nov)

I'm looking for guys with whom to chat/to meet...and maybe to become friends...ideally more than friends, on a long-term basis. I wouldn't mind meeting up, sooner, rather than later, if the feeling is mutual...but I'm not into quick sex, either. If we meet, I want you to understand that I value myself and want to engage you on a level of mutual respect and interest. I'm looking for nice guys with an easy-going manner, intelligence, and a realistic grip on the rest of the world.

If interested in what I do, please be tolerant of my obsessive nature with regard to social programs for the aged. I have been an actuary for insurance companies for 25 years. I am a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries, and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries. I currently am interested/working on my writing about Social Security, and retirement planning, and again beginning actuarial work in health insurance, my work area of expertise.

I'm a plain-spoken Midwesterner, from South Dakota, living in Los Angeles, now single, after college in New Haven, a decade working in CT, two long-term partners, and fifteen years working in the corporate insurance business and several more years for myself. I hope to be soon spending a long time again in Europe and Australia/New Zealand, and the East Coast, and I look forward to the excitement of a future life change, wherever that may take me, both professionally and personally.

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