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I don't date...but when I'm finally off duty it's great to go to a football game, or just chill out with a good steak and a bottle of red. I work hard and I work a LOT. I have a full-time job and am also a full-time volunteer for a disaster services agency so that means what little free time I have has to be very high quality and not wasted. Couch cuddle, a night out, a weekend getaway, all work for me.

Intelligent, self-supporting, action oriented, straight acting, masculine guy. Not a crazy sex-starved maniac but I do enjoy contact and being close with another guy. Kinda have a thing for athletic guys, nice shoulders, chest and arms particularly, maybe from my days of being a high school gymnast. I take care of myself (no PnP) and being blessed with good Canadian (and a mix of plenty others) genes I certainly don't feel my age - but admittedly there are days when it catches up with me.

I relate much better with younger guys for whatever reason and enjoy engaging conversation, working through challenges, a spontaneous adventure, and sharing wisdom. Like they say, "If I knew then what I know now..."

Hoping to find an equally masculine, in shape guy who can be proud of their own accomplishments and who can enjoy the value of what they know, what they can really do and who they are as a person.

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