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Out of Germany now and have moved back to the DC and winters, Fort Lauderdale area for good...and just returned from Guatemala. Half the time though in Fort Lauderdale. And entering this site with few illusions, I'd still hope that this site provides me with the possibility to connect with guys honest, sincere, genuine and able to connect and commit, when the time comes. I'm a conventional Suit and Tie type, healthy and quite fit, white american mature guy...stable, well educated and well traveled I'm masculine, well defined, mostly smooth but not really muscular. I've recently moved back to the States and really interested in meeting a clean cut, loving, respectful and masculine/maybe younger guys to establish/reestablish my circle of friends, FWB or whatever.... Ongoing or long term relation is ideal...friend...romantic or FWB. Not really looking for hook ups...I do best with guys between about 26 and 45...but nothing is written in stone...Eventually want a stable, caring, honest, and monogomous relation. But i'm realistic...I am quite happy as a single male...but if i have a relationship of any sort, I really want it to be ongoing. I'm no saint, but have grown tired of hook-ups...I like all races and nationalities, as a rule...seriously, black, asian, white, latino..Just be honest, polite, caring, and real.

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