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: Denver, CO, United States

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: Divorced
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Scorpio TOP here looking for someone to lavish my affections on. Highly imaginative minds and flexible bodies appreciated. If you seek constant stimulation, I might be your guy. It occurred to me to make sure that you knew what constsnt stimulation meant. I mean mind, body and soul. I love regular debates on all types of subjects. I don't think there is any one "type" of guy I may not want to be a lisping flouncer but you have the right to be one. I'm drawn to those who have attained that "ok" place in thier life. Not that everything is perfect, but, it's Ok that it's what it is. I'm not trying to save or financially support anyone, nor do I expect that. I think a relationship is what you make it. Partner means just that. I love to chat so say "Hi".
Thank you for reading!
Latest Update : Still single, moved to Capitol Hill recently & loving it.

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