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It's about the journey as much as the destination.

PERSONALLY: Introverted, quiet, and a bit shy at first. Personable and intelligent, polite and considerate, honest and forthright, emotionally and spiritually mature. Gentlemanly, but with a wickedly irreverent sense of humor. Good values that don't change to suit the situation.

SEXUALLY: I'm a submissive but not passive bottom man with a talented ass, open-minded, adventurous and uninhibited. Looking for aggressive, take charge top men to explore hot ass play and expand horizons, or just a good old fashioned fuck. Open to most scenes, from vanilla to kink and mild to wild. Kissing, sucking, rimming, spanking, fucking, toys, light bondage, 1-on-1, or couples. Group activities aren't out of the question. Love tall, hairy, bearded men.

RELATIONSHIPS: Play the field hard when single, but very loyal (not needy) when in a relationship. Monogamous or open (with reasonable parameters) both work for me, a "free for all" does not. Equal regardless of roles. You can be the Daddy but this boy will exercise his independence.

"Being submissive doesn't mean being someone's doormat. It doesn't mean you are weak. It means you are strong enough to know your desires, strong enough to let go of the control. Being submissive isn't easy, and it isn't for the weak."

"Tell You Later" means you're a bottom.

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