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: Beverly Hills

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: Single
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Looking for a submissive pussy. The more petite, smooth and fem, the better, but it’s more about a boy knowing his place.

I’m strong, verbal, intelligent and surprisingly affectionate. I’ll pull your hair, choke you, slap your ass and use your holes as cum dumps and also stroke your hair and kiss you as you fall asleep on my hairy chest.

I’m only interested in something monogamous or else you have to be on prep, because I want to feel my boy's cunt when I fuck her. Let’s see if we can put a baby in your belly.

You’ll love me - rough and sweet. Come be my good boy and make daddy proud and satisfied.

Checking this site has become a fucking part time job, so if you’re more than 25 miles from Beverly Hills, in a relationship, don’t show both your face and your cunt, only say “hey” or “what’s up”, or don’t resemble what I’m looking for, don’t message me, because I won’t reply. The whole point of this is to gauge your submission, which begins with demonstrating that you pay attention.

Also potentially interested in 69 with a fit guy with a big cock.

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