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Well it was time for an update. If anyone even bothers reading this part. Some guys are so lazy and apathetic they can't be bothered with writing more than four or five words. But then maybe they get more response than someone like me that writes, possibly, too much.

62 yo bodybuilder looking for LTR with in shape younger guy that works out and is into muscle!! I am well aware that the most important things about any person are his/her character traits, things like integrity, compassion and empathy, their ability and willingness to communicate and listen. But there has also got to be a physical attraction there.

Love all type of outdoor activities and I am very affectionate and passionate with the RIGHT guy. You DO NOT have to be muscled up but I really prefer you be lean and have a trim waist. People everywhere confuse muscular with muscled up. Take power lifters, like the guys in the World's Strongest Man contests. With extremely rare exception, those guys aren't the least but muscular, but that are VERY muscled. On the opposite, look at gymnasts, most of which are very small. But those men are VERY muscular. I've seen many guys that are thin but very muscular! And if you're somewhat hairy that's even better.

I go to 24hr Fitness, mostly the Hulen location but when they're closed I go to Arlington or the Horne St location. Typically around 1-2 in the morning but I can go earlier than that on some days. A workout partner from this site would be great! Even if it's nothing but working out and then parting ways, it'd be better than nothing. I've been at it for a long time and promise I could help anyone get leaner and more muscled, if that's what you want. Also love a little bit of man smell.

Love you guys in your late 20's to early 40's. I'm 5'10, 208lbs and prefer smaller guys than me. If you actually read all of this then you are ahead of most. Thanks! Rich

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