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ASSOC. MEMBER TRIDENT KNIGHTS LEATHER CLUB, LOW COUNTRY LEATHER & THE FIRST COAST LEATHER SOCIETY. Was named Assoc of the Year 2011 AND 2013 by the Trident Knights and 2015 for The First Coast Leather Society and given the 2015 Mr. Community Service Award in Tampa Bay. I am the former VP for the Leather Heart Foundation and FOUNDER of the LEATHERTARIAN AWARD.

The stars on my arm number 43, representing the number of friends I have lost to AIDS, the meds and resulting diseases.

Lets keep it REAL when we chat, ok? Your words hold weight. Choose don't throw them! Doctor by Education.
Greek-Turk-Algerian/Syrian (Middle Eastern) Spanish Italian. Empty hookups stink! Played that when I acted in porn! GENUINE men ALWAYS compel my attention, as does ink and facial hair. I am as comfortable camping, in the city or on my farm in the Georgia Mts. I volunteer for HIV prevention both with the State Dept of Health here in Florida and as a volunteer for the Broward County Health Dept. The world still holds great wonder for me. My PhD was conferred May 31, 2018! I’m done!
I am seeking a bottom boy I can love guide and enjoy some kink with.
Look for the joy in life for in the not so distant future your time and life here will end.. NAMASTE...

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