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GUYS--YOU NEED COMMUNICATION SKILLS & THE ABILITY & WILLINGNESS TO USE THEM TO ENGAGE ME AT ANY LEVEL. Good looks may get me to notice you but without the right social skills I quickly loose interest. I'm no fan of the vapid & vacuous.

One Very Good Man in Palm Springs, CA, Seeking Another Very Good Man or "Son" LIVING (or wishing to live) In Palm Springs. Any SINGLE men care to meet me? If you CRAVE an Extremely Hairy Man, I may just be the Jackpot. <G> Guys--I've reached the age where laying in bed listening to the rain on the roof is a lonely way to live and I'm on here seeking the end game--a relationship with a loving companion.

Did anyone else on here spend their childhood summers at Camp Menominee in Eagle River, WI as I did from age 9 to 14? My photo taken at my last year of camp is just under my profile photo. I think my best memories of my life were from my first year there at age 9, for 8 weeks in Cabin 10.

Also--did anyone else from the Chicago area go to Decoma or North Shore Day Camps when you were very young? How about New Trier East High School, in Winnetka, IL from 1969-1973? U of Texas Austin from 1974-1976? U of Texas Arlington (UTA) from 1976-1981?

CONFESSION: I have a SERIOUS WEAKNESS for LATINO, Israeli, Mid-Eastern, Jewish, WASPS, Irish & French Guys & Bonus Boys are especially welcome.

I WILL NOT PLAY CHASE! If we meet on this site & wish to communicate here, live on Skype or by regular E-mail & you lack the enthusiasm & reliability of a guy who truly wants to get to know me, you'll quickly bore me & loose my interest.


I'm a Friendly/Easily Approachable, Regular Guy from the Midwest. I'm Hairy, Fit--Lean/Built & work hard 2 stay in-shape. I've always had an interest in exploring a Dad/Son relationship but have not yet met a young guy interested in getting to know me. Should that change I'd be eager to be "Dad" and loving partner to a great guy. I'm into other Friendly, Well Mannered Regular Guys with a Gentle Demeanor, and COMPASSION for others including & especially the animal world.

I LOVE ANIMALS & won't eat any who love, care for & protect their young. If I forget what is accepted by societal norms & just see things through my eyes, raising these creatures with factory farming & eating them is BARBARIC.

Special interests for me include all forms of Design, Classic & Exotic cars (I keep a few here in Palm Springs), Wood-working & Furniture design/making, my Pup (she's an older dog, my 3rd rescue--each time I feel like I've won the canine lottery) all Timeless, non-trendy Architecture.

While Palm Springs is truly a paradise with remarkable beauty and a lot of wonderful people, as well as being a "Gay Mecca," the valley also has more than its share of current & former Meth. (Tina) Addicts rotting from the inside out. If you are a current or past user of Meth please don't contact me--such people are poison & destructive to everyone with whom they come in contact.

Each day I overcome challenges from 2 tough auto-immune illnesses--conditions w/which I've lived all my life where my immune system is too strong & attacks my own body (they are genetic, you can't "catch" them from me, you'd need to have the genes from your parents to get them). Any guy who is seriously interested in me needs to understand my challenges & how they impact my life.

I've thought long & carefully about what I want now and for the rest of my life and it's a partner who will be a loving COMPANION to me and loving step dad to my wonderful dog. Keywords: COMPANIONSHIP, Thoughtfulness, Honesty & Directness, Compassion, Gentle Demeanor & Financially Secure and Comfortable (I am) so together we can live a beautiful life. If I can find another Successful, Gentle older man (about 60-
85) with whom I could share the PEACE, SECURITY, LOVE & COMPANIONSHIP of a CARING, MONOGAMOUS LTR or Marriage I'll feel like I won the HUSBAND LOTTERY.

I'm an architect, a first rate finish carpenter & furniture designer/maker and artist, currently painting murals on my tall dining room walls.

I'm trying to find a Good Guy, Young or Old, with a passion for life & a compassionate soul who can appreciate what I have to offer. If someone wants me in his life, he'll make room for me. I shouldn't have to fight for a spot. I won't spend energy on someone who continuously overlooks my worth. I know it's not the people who stand by me when I'm at my best, but the ones who stay with me when I'm at my worst who are my friends. Handsome is great but it's what's going on inside your head that matters most. Ideally--I seek another soul with whom I can share ideas as well as pleasure. I'm emotionally articulate & available. Good looks are not enough for me, you need to have social skills including communication skills, manners & above all COMPASSION.
~~~~~~Warning to Log Cabin Club Types: This Man is a "Democracy Now" & MSNBC Listenin' Liberal and Proud of it!~~~~~~
I am committed to the pursuit of social justice and fairness and have spent most of my life fighting for it. In order to be compatible I'll have to find someone who shares my values and passion as well as compassion for all things living & for the planet. For all these reasons and many more I find Gay Republicans as well as all Republicans repellent (as do I find any people whose values are a repudiation of fairness, justice, equality, science, honesty, reason with the ability to question, and intellectual thought). If you are a Republican, whatever your professed reason, I prefer not to hear from you--I don't need to hear your contrived rationalization or motivation for wanting to harm the rest of us, promulgate hatred & destroy the planet. Simply stated, Gay Republicans are the Antidote to my erection.

I'm a Very Hairy Man. At the age of 9 at summer camp in the north woods of Wisconsin I was the first camper in cabin 10 to grow a bush for which I became a camp icon. In the showers my cabin-mates used to kid the councilors saying "you're almost as hairy as Rick." In jr. high school where we started changing/showering for gym I already had a huge bush, happy trail & hairy chest earning me the nick name "Cheetah." That was also when my genes told me I was a natural top as all I could look at or think about was guys' butts (if I checked out a crotch it was just to see how hairy it was).

I've had an amazing life from rescuing & re-habing some of the most vulnerable injured little "critters" to working with common cause & purpose with people of other cultures in other places to living on a Kibbutz in Israel. I've known the incredible experience of true love & that's an experience I hope to realize again. I hope to find a man with whom I can share that adventure giving him love & companionship from a great guy with a lot to offer.

My name is Rick and I'm from the village of Wilmette, 20 miles north of Chicago following the lake-front. It wasn't until I left the nest for college & my adult life that I realized everything I'd heard about Midwestern folks being unusually friendly & sincere is not only true, but understated. When I graduated with a dual degree in architecture & city & regional planning, I was filled with idealism & wanted to make a real difference in the world.

Until I sat at the computer today to do some editing & updating, I had continued talking about my life history. While guys who read my profile were gracious with their compliments, my words did not succeed in achieving my "Prime Directive," finding me a life partner or guys with that potential. So I've erased the narrative of my past leaving room for me to concentrate on my present & hopes for the future.

I'm nearing 60 and I believe easy on the eye considering the physical challenges I've had to overcome & continue fighting. If you're a guy who is especially turned on by Extremely Hairy Men, I may just be the jackpot. I enjoy hearing from guys with compliments but what I'd like most to receive are notes from guys hoping to find a life companion & partner as I am. He could be a "son" seeking a dad/son relationship or he could be a man my age or older. If he is loving, compassionate and sincere, and looking for one more big adventure in life there is no age limit.

I now live in Palm Springs, CA after living in Boston for over 20 years. I have fallen in love with this Paradise in the Coachella Valley surrounded by towering mountains.

If I look and sound like the kind of man you're hoping to meet, and you think you may be the kind of (Single) man I'd like to meet, I hope to hear from you. I hope you'll use the opportunity to tell me your thoughts with your own words (rather than clicking on "thinks you're handsome...").

I know I'll be working some more on my profile, but for now I hope I've said the right words to attract the kind of guy from whom I'd like to hear.


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