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: San Francisco, CA, United States

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I am a successful, intelligent, handsome, older muscle bear who is looking for other quality men and boys.
I am looking for a partner, boy, lover. I am worthy of the best. You should be also!
I like tough muscled big white and latino men. They can be young or old between the age of 21-89. I am into most types of sex. I love to top and am great with daddy/boy scenes. I like straight, bi, and gay men and boys who are sure of themselves. Also I do not like drugs!!! No speed, heroin, or any other mood altering chemicals. Why because, it kills many of us. I am poz and if you do not understand that then you need to educate yourself about safe sex... how HIV is trasmitted and know I am a long term survivor( 30years). You pozphobic men do not need to get ahold of me. Why? I want to find a man, not a stereotype who cannot or will not get information about a disease that many of us have lived with for a long time. I am also a honest to God real life world champion athlete who has competed in the Gay Games and Powerlifting Contests. For you nay sayers all you got to do is look at the medals. The gold ones! So enough talk who wants to play? Hercules
p.s. for you who do not like what I just said, " Get in line with the other queens who I do not give a good crap about!"

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