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I'm looking for meaningful friendships, long term dating, and ultimately a Long term partner. Age is not an issue for me, espcially on Daddy Hunt. That's the whole point of this site right! Older with younger, or vice versa. Maturity is what counts. I lean toward masculine men, as opposed to men who "act straight," or "passing for straight." Having written this, I try not to have any unreasonable expectations; none of us is perfect.

My personality tends to lean toward a more serious, thoughtful intellectual. I've been described as a bohemian and a non-comformist. I think that that's mostly true.

Socially I do better one on one or in very small groups. I get restless around lots of people

I'm multilingual; I speak Spanish and French fluently. I can speak conversational Portuguese. I love to meet people from all over the world. I've lived in New York, San Francisco and Houston so I've had a chance to meet great friends from all over. At this point there is no place like home; El Paso is more appealing now that I'm older.

I like a wide variety of music. I like a wide variety of movies too. A movie as old as Metropolis from the Silent Era is one of my favorites, but I have other favorites from other genres both old and new.

I love to play chess. I like to listen to NPR and watch
C-SPAN. I love to have deep and meaningful conversations about almost any subject, controversy or philosophy.
I have a sense of humor, but I think it's pretty dry. I like the humor of Mark Twain all the way up to Sandra Bernhard or Bill Mahr.

I like to learn from other people. I'm an educator so I love when I learn something thought provoking from one of my student's responses So you can see a good conversation is something I really enjoy.

PLEASE That's enough about me.
Tell me something about yourself. I appreciate gropes but I'll only respond to actual mail.

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile.
Hope to hear from you soon!

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