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: Memphis, TN, United States

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I'm a single, gay, masculine, mature professional (retired) guy. I'm 6ft, 390 lbs, buzzed greying hair, mustache & goatee (see the photo).
Recently moved to Fort Worth from Memphis, TN. When you see me, you will see: 1. an old fat man; 2. a silver Daddy; 3. a polar bear; or 4. a mature man enjoying life. It's eye of the beholder.You may see me running around in a scooter chair. I am disabled with COPD, but I still enjoy all I can in life.

Seeking: *Local* single, gay, masc & mature Black men for friendship. Open to dating and a relationship (Who can't use a little love in their life?)

I prefer maturity, substance, and personality over stereotypes and body parts. I shy away from thug attitudes and DL platitudes and avoid escorts, hustlers, and those seeking sugar daddies. I respect discretion and privacy (work, family, neighbors, etc.) but refuse deceitful entanglements.

I seek men as open as I am about posting a face photo. I'm not embarrassed by cross-cultural friendships and relationships. If you don't believe in equality across color, cultural, or ethnic lines, or aren't into *big* men even for friendship, we probably shouldn't meet.

Thanks for taking the time,


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