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T (left) J (right)

NOTE: We are employed, have an existing life, and our unread messages have a way of sitting around and in quantities difficult to manage. You are respected, we deeply appreciate humanity, and thank you for your curiosity and interest. In reality, it is impossible to even honor the most basic of social contracts, as acquaintances, on this scale. Our apologies in advance.

We're not players, we just woof and flirt a lot ;) We're pretty f’n' alright. T is 37 and J is 31. As the picture implies, there are two of us here. J is the one active on this account. If not, T will let you know.

J is degreed in economics, business, and has one hippy of a MBA
T is degreed in education and has his MBA as well.

We are both in public service employment, do-good, contribute to society…that type of stuff.

J: Do-good Hippy Hipster MBA
NPR, read Economist, coffee, beer, cooking, bicycling (road & trail, car-free since 2006), swimming, discovering new music and dancing to it, writing poetry, conversation, movies/TV ("thinkers"), opinion writing, big public transportation geek, being a devil's advocate, socializing, LoL, Starcraft, board games, outdoorsy, INFP, Enneagram type 2, ADHD...

T: ex military goofball who is easily drawn to dogs, not guys with dogs, just dogs. Educator, MBA student, whiskey, antiques, books, camping, coffee shops, Detroit, board games, Avalon Hill, Axis & Allies, biking, history, civil war reenacting...

We both absolutely love to travel but have limited means to do so. We are striving to be more active in our new community, have an interest in rehabbing a house and to start a business, together or separately. Ask us about our ideas.

How about you? :)

We are boyfriends, well partners, and so while we know this is a hook up site, that is not a big reason why we on here and is a big reason why we disappear from time to time. Take a look at our interests and see if we might click.

We are looking for gosh darn good people. That's all. Prefer to spend our time with a good few than a whole bunch of new. Looking to make friends and meet people for coffee or a drink. Looking to make something happen, do something, and connect on a deeper level. Help us take it offline or at least off of here if you're looking to connect more than mindlessly.

J is purposeful and structured in his friendships, including new ones, and is much more wired towards fwb, polyamory, or just the overall complexity of humans.
T is more straight forward and practical liking to keep things simple and treats this online stuff as frivolously as it often is. Friends are less so where T looks for fun.

We’re both learning and exploring with each other. J is seeking greater comfort in his primal urges and needs. T is learning to appreciate the blurring of lines and complexity of connecting with others. There is a definite curiosity as to whom, if anyone, fits in with both of us at any point or along our journey together. Both of our love languages are touch/affirmation.

We share a profile because while our interests and tastes differ we want to approach the world together as one. We hope to learn and experience new things and people both individually and together, but also learn from how we each do it a bit differently. Why if we are partners, friends, and teammates shouldn't this be part of it too. Don't ask, don't tell!? Ask and tell is our modus operandi.

Here, quality can come in quantity but the generic quantity and the noise often washes it out. Because this app and culture is designed for mindless and/or sexual chat, escape velocity needs to be achieved by some means for us to lend time and energy to something. Sometimes that doesn't line up with expectations here. Sorry if you get lost in the shuffle or we don't get back. Big apologies :-/

If at first you don't succeed, fry fry a hen or just woof woof again. If you're truly interested, please send another note so at least it will be on top of our message list. Petty or big-headed? Just reality.

We treasure our close connections, friends, and family and are working to build and strengthen that. Being on here is about being open to new people and things and not living behind a moat and castle walls, always leaving a door open. And while mindless sexual chatter and open mindedness keeps certain doors open, playing with others, together or separately, doesn’t happen all that frequently. Conversations, or anything, goes private at the behest of the better half (the one you're not trying to get at, harr harr).

We welcome a new chat buddy, window shopper, mentor, mentee, dad, brother, boy, friend, family, distant love or where ever you fit best. We are working on our core, our Dunbar 150 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunbar's_number), both acknowledging its size and limits.

All shades of the human rainbow, mental spectrum, and ages welcome.

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