Daddy, 68 years old


: Las Vegas

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: Single
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I’m considered good looking
I’m into younger Asian and Hispanic guys for the most part, but I’ll never turn down anything that turns me on.
I have an average cock 6”
I try to keep in shape and work out 2-3 days a week, and I sometimes miss weeks at the gym and have to start over. I maintain a weight between 163 and 170 pounds.
I love to suck cock!!! Did I mention I love to suck?
I like to fuck and I’ll bottom too. Toys are always an option for added pleasure.
I love public sex, restrooms, understall and outdoor sex and in my bed.
Any size cock is good, I’m not size obsessed
I like smooth bodies without lots of hair. I’m open to more hair if I’m into you.
Long hair on your head can be a plus

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